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Google maps lets you call Uber from within the App

Mar 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In the latest updated beta version, Google maps have hailing the cab option from inside the app now. The owner of the highly popular maps App Google, has been known to update its products regularly. The product that has been recently updated is the Google maps App and in the new updated version there is the facility to hail a cab from within the App. If you want to call an Uber cab, now there is no need to download the Uber cab app and the book a visit from there.

You can now directly call the cab from within the Google maps app. This service is not restricted for Uber only. Google will be targeting all the major car rental and taxi services to join in, in this new feature of service of Google maps. While it will be a great opportunity for newly emerging taxi services, it might not be as good for established names like Uber. Despite the fact that there will be an increase in number of users because there are more options to order the cab services from. But now there will be a direct competition between veterans like Uber and Lyft with the newcomers. The prices will be written against each and of course people would be skewed towards those services that offer lesser prices. However right now there is only Uber taxi service that has been fully embedded within the Google maps.

Right now when you click on the ride services section of the Google maps, instead of different ride services with their respective price charges now you can see the cars that are available nearby as you can see in the Uber App. Earlier you could just compare the prices and start the process of acquiring the taxi but in order to book the ride you had to go to the actual Uber app to get the ride.

The process is similar to that of calling the cab on the separate Uber App. You just have to sign in once with your account details from Uber or any other taxi service. Then your account details will automatically be transferred to your Google maps account. Your payment details are also added in your account. Now you can call the cab easily through Google maps.

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The Google map apps already had a great amount of utility and is among the top location apps that have a huge amount of user base. It has provided the users ease and confidence that they can reach any destination without having to be worried about its location. They can just follow the map directions and then reach their destination easily. Although most of the people who use Uber App might want to order it through the same App. However soon this feature will become popular and more and more people will prefer to use the Google maps app to order taxi too.

What do you think about this new feature of Google? Do you think it will be useful or people should stick to original Uber app. Share your views by commenting below.

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