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Google Hire: Google’s take on LinkedIn and Indeed

Apr 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Employment related apps and websites are safe projects, as there is always a huge amount of people in search of new or better job opportunities. So that is why Google’s next project is about Google Hire. No details about the project has been revealed yet but we know that this project is being governed by Diane Greene.

Diane Greene is the former owner of Bebop, a startup that facilitated the recruitment process. However sometime ago, Google bought the startup as well as the services to Diane Greene and now we are expected to be introduced to the Google Hire platform soon. The Home page of Google Hire is visible right now. Of course the site has to offer a lot more than previously available employment websites in order to surpass the competition.

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Google Hire

According to one news leak the Google Hire website will allow the future employers to look at the employment search history of the prospective employees. This will definitely give more understanding of the employees to the employers and they would understand whether the employ is suitablt for their organization or not. As your Google account is mostly connected to Facebook and YouTube it is very easy for Google Hire to get information about you past history and searches. Based on that they want to make an analysis of everyone’s personality.

This will cause serious concerns about privacy issues and if true, there will definitely be a much less amount of people will willingly set up an account on Google Hire. There has been no reply from Google about this report yet it is expected that before the launch of Google Hire the corporation will comment  and clarify about the User concerns about their service.

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Would you think it will be safe to make an account on Google Hire with the same account that has your Facebook, YouTube and other websites attached? Let us know what you think about Google’s Google Hire venture.

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