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Google Cloud Storage Introducing Pricing

Apr 17, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How Google Cloud Storage would be affected by the decision to implement regular pricing. Moreover what will be the affect of this policy by Google on the competition of Cloud Storage providers. With the rapidly improving internet services, most of the companies and software developers are preferring online cloud storage. Google cloud storage is one of the most reliable and efficient service providers available. The services provided by Google Cloud storage are mainly sorted under six different categories. Each category designed specifically to meet the requirements of users hailing from diverse number of fields. Though it should be kept in mind that Google Cloud Storage still offers a trial period of 60 days. According to the site policy the users won’t be charged a dime for this unless they opt to avail the full services.

Pricing has been introduced for the following services provided. Moreover the cloud storage service also offer charging in local currency for ease of the users.

  1. Compute Engine
  1. App Engine
  1. Cloud SQL
  1. Cloud Storage
  1. Cloud Data-store
  1. Translate API
  1. Prediction API
  1. BigQuery
  1. Cloud Endpoints

The service provided for Compute engine has been allocated prices according to the region in which it’s being used. There’s a small difference between the pricing provided in US & those provided in Europe or APAC hosted. Prices are bound differ according to the sub-categories of services provide related to Compute engine.

There further four methods of billing the customer elaborated by Google cloud storage in accordance with the time they spent. Furthermore a discount scheme is also present, that can be availed in some specific cases. Though it’s must be noted that the service doesn’t provide any sort of discount to nonprofit, educational organizations or open source projects.

In case of network pricing three categories are free, meanwhile one is rendered free as a promotional price. Monthly usage is divided for three zones, one zone for worldwide except China & Australia. The rates for trio differ slightly.

Load balancing and Protocol forwarding have two sub-categories with differing rates for US and Europe respectively.

VPN services has standard worldwide charges, charges are levied per tunnels though not applicable during a beta run.

All the sub-divisions under persistent Disk service have been allocated global prices.

The same goes for Local SSD,Image Storage and IP address.

App Engine Services have been allocated a certain amount of free quota and charges start once the free quota limit is exceeded.

Cloud SQL charges has been laid out for two types of users, one with more traffic, they get a discount offer and future cost prediction.

Meanwhile developers with less requirement they will be charged a small amount based on per use scheme.

Now cloud storage has a cost plan (per GB per month) with two sub-categories and different pricing respectively. Accessing data stored on cloud storage is also charged according to per GB of data retrieved.

Monthly usage of cloud storage network has been again divided by location based rates. Specific for China & Australia and same for the rest of the world.

Regional and inter-continental transfer has been offered free of charge until 30th of June 2015.

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