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Get $5,000 per month to marry these Icelandic women

Jul 2, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you think it’s a joke then you must read this to find out what’s a joke and what’s not.

Yeah I know it’s quite funny but also a serious matter that Iceland have decided to give $5,000 to the person (immigrant) who will marry an Icelandic women because Iceland’s population’s big proportion is of females who don’t have a man to marry and may die as a bachelorette. I am a Muslim I’ll surely marry one, cause $5,000 per month isn’t that less and obviously Muslim guys are allowed to marry 4 women at a time, it isn’t a big deal. I pity on all the females who can not avail this opportunity.

Let’s get on to the point and congratulations you have been fooled because this whole thing isn’t true and the proof for this is that in Iceland the total population is 320,136 and in which are 161,227 males and 158,909 females. The post that has been circulating on internet regarding this is unfortunately not true 🙁 There is no official statement or resolution passed related to this.


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