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German Antitrust Office Thinks Facebook Is Abusing Market Power

Jan 2, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The social network Facebook is under criticism for years because of the collection of data. And Germany is now criticizing Facebook too. The antitrust president Andreas Mundt said in an interview that you could take a closer look at the company in this regard.


The “abusive” collection of data from third-party sources could have consequences for the social network. As Andreas Mundt, head of the antitrust office told the Rheinische Post (via Zeit Online ), this could lead to sanctions. He says: “We criticize the way the company collects and uses personal information as a potential abuse of market power.” One possible scenario is regulatory intervention, says the President of the Bundeskartellamt. “In the end, we may need to prohibit the collection and exploitation of data from third-party sources without explicit user consent.”

Although Facebook is a US company, the authority also has the corresponding opportunities in Germany. On the one hand, this could affect the German subsidiary of the company, on the other hand, it could apply the so-called impact principle. For violations that have an impact in this country, may well be punished by the Cartel Office.

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For cartel-keepers, data from third-party sources, which Facebook collects, are problematic. Information from the outside, “come” on the basis of a link with the Facebook account to the company, and users may not be aware of this. This applies to both Facebook’s own services such as Instagram or WhatsApp, as well as pages that are linked to Facebook in other ways, such as news services, where you comment on Facebook account.

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The dominating position of Facebook also plays an essential role here, because in many cases the user has no choice but to use the social network, even outside of the actual Facebook offer.


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