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Gabe Newell Responds To Microsoft Takeover Rumours

Feb 5, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft was associated with one or two giant business deals last week.The company is rumored to have prepared for the acquisition of either Electronic Arts or Valve.Valve co-founder and boss Gabe Newell denied this quite clearly.

Gabe Newell

It was or rather would have been a sensation, but from the start, the reports were hard to believe. For example, the head of a market analysis firm, SuperData Research, has spread the “information” that he is very sure that Microsoft will soon announce a giant deal. But even then you could and had to classify that as a rumor. 

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Nevertheless, it inspired the fantasies of many and there was a lot of speculation as to whether something might be right. An acquisition of EA would have cost – as measured by the stock market value – about $ 35 billion, at Valve a potential amount is not known because the developer and operator of the distribution platform Steam is a privately held company.

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The most expensive, surprising and well-known acquisitions by Microsoft:

  • $ 26 billion for the careers network Linkedin
  • $ 5 billion for Nokia’s mobile phone business
  • 100 million dollars for the Sunrise calendar app
  • Unknown purchase price for the interactive streaming service Beam
  • $ 120 million for the Berlin to-do-list makers Wunderlist
  • 2.5 billion dollars for Minecraft developer Mojang
  • $ 8.5 billion for VoIP provider Skype

It is not known what Valve is (currently) worth. The boss of the Bellevue-based Seattle-based company, Gabe Newell, emailed a fan to answer that question.Because he asked Newell a bit dramatically: “Is Valve bought by Microsoft? Please answer, the community is shaken.”

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Newell answered him and a screenshot of his (probably real) answer also found its way to the internet through Forum ResetEra (via Game Debate ). “Not that I know,” the Valve co-founder said shortly in his usual dry way.Although this is not a guarantee that Microsoft does not plan to buy Valve, but the rumor can be shelved for now.


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