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Free Netflix subscription in Pakistan for PTCL subscribers

Mar 7, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Great news for all the lovers of binge watching in Pakistan. Now you can enjoy free binge watching of the top shows from around the globe through Netflix. Free netflix subscription is being offered to all the PTCL subscribers of 8Mbps internet or more. If you have a subscription of PTCL internet of 8 Mbps or more than you are among the lucky and can get six months of Netflix completely free of cost on all devices like Tabs, gaming console, mobile phones etc.

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Free Netflix subscription through deal between PTCL and Netflix

In a collaborative agreement between Netflix and PTCL, now the subscribers of PTCL internet can avail this opportunity without any charges or activation fee. The users just need their account ID and landline number to activate the offer. The account ID is given on the monthly bill printout sent to the doorstep of everyone who has a PTCL landline. Otherwise you can call the helpline to know your account number, if you have the landline number.

The move is a step to popularize the video streaming app in a country where piracy and torrent streaming is rampant in absence of any proper copyrights law or litigation system. People are happy with free content they are getting from torrents and reluctant to sign up for even a meager fee with the starting package of $7.99, which is almost an equivalent of Pakistani Rs 800. It is a big challenge to make paid video streaming a thing to attract masses in such a scenario so that is why this deal might result in getting more and more people to subscribe and receive access to content in a legal way.

To activate the offer visit the page  www.ptcl.com.pk/Netflix and activate your offer right now. The offer is currently available till 31st of March, 2018 only, so do avail it before the period ends.

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