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Free email service providers for general use

Mar 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Email or the electronic mail has been around for quite some time now. Although with texting, messengers, voice and video calling services available the value of email has been reduced compared to the time when it was first released. However it is still widely used in official correspondence, sending all type of files like PDF, MS office documents, images, videos and all kinds of other files.  We all have an account from one of the many free email service providers.

 Sending mails is the best way of one to one correspondence between two people on the internet. It is much more secure than when you upload stuff on a mutually used online space and then everyone can access from there like Facebook, Dropbox etc. So that is the reason that although many internet trends have died out through the ages, the email is still here and it seems that will remain for quite some time. It is widely used in official correspondence, like between people of different organizations, between students and teachers at colleges and universities, to make announcements in all offices and other workplaces etc. It is email through which so many online campaigns and petitions get moving. People send newsletters and brochures through emails to save the cost of printing on paper.

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free email service providers

Its uses are multiple. There are a number free email service providers and people use differently according to their choice and liking. Here we list some of the best free email service providers and their individual benefits and uses.

Top free email service providers


Although Gmail came way after Yahoo and Hotmail but it is the king of all the email service providers. The service is as quick as a lightning and safe and secure. You can share your most sensitive documents via Gmail without the fear of leaks. Gmail started in 2004 as beta and it was an invitation only to join service in the beginning. It was a great attraction to people because at that time it offered 1 GB of storage, which was much greater than the few MBs that the other services were providing at that time. Now you have the gmail capacity og 25 GB. You can receive emails with size of 50 MBs with attachments. Users can send 25 MB emails and for larger sizes they can insert from the Google drive.

The main benefit if Gmail is that one Google account can have many uses. You can connect your Google drive, Google plus, and sometimes not even Google related accounts like AWS services. This is among the free email service providers that is widely supported by many platforms.

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Zoho Mail

Another popular free email service provider is Zoho Mail. If there was a flaw in gmail, it was that Gmail supports ads. Zoho Mail is an ad free email service. In order to enjoy ad and spam free email service join Zoho Mail. Zoho mail is an email service that has been developed by keeping in view the business users. It provides large organizations to easily manage combined documents and spreadsheets. Multiple people can work on the documents at a time.

Zoho Mail has paid services also. There is a free package for 25 accounts and allows 5 GB storage per user. After that there is the Standard, pro and enterprise service package that is priced at 2$, 5$ and 8$ per month. There is ZohoChat and and ShowTime too that is available in all the packages.

iCloud mail

iCloud email is a free email service provider by Apple. iCloud is basically an account of Apple’s cloud services. The email account is associated with it and is given free with the cloud services. It has a beautiful interface. You can access the mail through IMAP. POP is not available yet but will soon be introduced. You can access your iCloud email account on all your Apple devices. You can access it from Android too through change of IMAP server to imap.mail.me.com. In this way you can share all your iCloud data on your android phone.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is another great mailing service. It is one of the oldest mailing services available and was launched in 1997. Yahoo account has a number of other uses too. Yahoo has a search engine as well news and entertainment site. When you access your yahoo account you can enjoy the Yahoo news, yahoo messenger, yahoo buzz and Flickr too. Yahoo provides unlimited storage to the users.

Yahoo mail has four different mailing plans for its users. First three are for personal use, which include basic plan, plus plan and ad free plan). The fourth one is a paid mailing plan and is used for large organization and enterprises. It is called the paid for business plan. It is the third largest web based email service providers and a reliable name in the e-mailing community.


Outlook.com is a free email service provider from Microsoft. It is configured keeping business organization in view. Many organizations use Outlook for their official correspondence. Outlook Mail automatically bans spam, and the web interface collects clutter and is smart about large file attachments. Outlook Mail on the Web could be still smarter suggesting replies, and tools to postpone incoming and schedule mail are missing. You can access Outlook through IMAP, POP and Exchange ActiveSync.

AOL Mail

AOL MAIL stands for America online email. It is also quite old email service. It also offer unlimited storage on the web. It has good spam filtering and the IMAP is also very good. However it lacks feature like labels and folders. It also does not support message threads.

These are the top email services available online. Which email service are you using. Let us your favorite by commenting in the section below.


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