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Are Foldable Phones Giving A Wrong Direction To Innovation?

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Full screen is not universal will face another new form of the impact of the phone. At present, from Apple Samsung to ZTE Huawei, a variety of folding mobile phone is about to release or research and development of the news has been out.

Recently, there is news that ZTE has released the latest mobile phone – Axon M, this phone has two screens and a central hinge, you can fold it in half. And there is news that Huawei CEO Hou Chengdong Huawei Huawei Mate10 global conference after the media interview revealed that Huawei is developing a folding phone.

Earlier, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported that Apple announced that it is working with LG to develop flexible display technology, the user can expand the iPhone into iPad, Apple has a patentable folding phone, this technology will be invested in 2020 produce.

In the Andrews camp, there are news Samsung is also planning to launch a folding mobile phone, in fact, as early as 2012, Samsung has demonstrated a flexible AMOLED display prototype, called Youm.

The current rumors that Samsung’s foldable mobile phone called Galaxy X, it seems to have been Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features for the record, and is currently accept the Korean National Radio Institute of the test. Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Samsung plans to release folding smartphone in 2018.

From the current point of view, several mobile phone giants have been invariably entered. So far, folding mobile phone eyes will become the future trend of smart phones, but folding mobile phone is really a good idea?

2011 Sony has released a tablet called Tablet P, open after two separate screens, which can be said to be the first attempt to fold the screen, but the design idea is similar. Despite the limited level of technology at the time, the limitations of the foldable screen have been revealed: on the one hand, the fuselage is very thick, the screen frame and the overall shape are not beautiful and there is no breakthrough in the operability, and the screen is folded People have a strong sense of tearing.

We know that the current smart phone innovation has entered a bottleneck, so manufacturers are swarming the main screen, but if the folding mobile phone available, it will break the current smart phone machine side of the situation, and even lead the industry’s great concern.

From the current point of view, folding mobile phone may be breaking the current smart phone innovation bottleneck worth trying to move. Because the benefits of folding mobile phone is obvious, such as the expansion will have a larger screen area, both when the phone can also be done flat, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, such as folding after the phone thicker, beautiful degree buckle, but if The body thickness to be thinner, but often because of the internal space of the phone is compressed and bring greater security issues.

The reason for folding the phone is the hinge in the middle of the phone, and because of this hinge, the phone can be folded as the center and get a variety of shapes and angles.

And the realization of folding, one of the key material is the carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotubes material is characterized by softness, to avoid cracking, with conductivity, can be folded soft + conductive characteristics of the foldable mobile phone becomes a reality Sexual basis. Because it can be a lot of conductive components like circuit boards, screens, touch sensors combined, it is to ensure that the folding mobile phone components can work an important foundation.

The problem of folding mobile phone is that folding this feature means that the internal components of mobile phones such as circuit boards, batteries need to adapt to the requirements of folding screen, to have a certain degree of flexibility, need to be produced to be applied to smart phones and tablet devices On a flexible circuit board, the internal components need to be subjected to a large number of bending and non-bending cycles when operating the equipment, thereby avoiding damage at the time of folding or some unpredictable accidents. This is not easy.

The current user is very sensitive to the mobile phone security accident, whether it is last year, Samsung note7 burn events, or this year’s iPhone8 screen cracking accident, let users for mobile phone security is more sensitive to the failure of these mobile phone giants, may be due to mobile phone Innovation in the link, ignoring the mobile phone battery and mobile phone interior space design safety point.

From the mobile security level, the current candy bar phone is also difficult to avoid damage or screen cracking and many other failures occur, foldable mobile phone as often need to repeatedly turn the phone, the internal battery and other internal parts of the space design made a huge challenge , Then burn, explosion, crash, cracking and other failure rate and power consumption should be more than candy bar phone.

If a high price to buy the phone allows users to put down the use of mobile phones in the process of all the anxiety and worry, which in itself has been contrary to human nature.

Last year, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved a new patent for Apple, which includes a collapsible concept that allows many types of electronic devices, including cell phones, watches, tablets, to be folded.

At that time, Apple also described the problem in the patent, that is, if not careful, the flexible application circuit will bend too much may lead to flexible application circuit on the signal line rupture and instability. While it is possible to control the amount of bending applied to the flexible application circuit, thereby reducing the likelihood of rupture and improving stability, this may affect the expectations of the flexible application circuit.

Whether the connection between the hardware in the phone and the folding can bring a lot of loss, whether to reduce the life of the phone, whether to bring greater maintenance costs and mobile phone security incidents, manufacturers need to be more cautious to trial and error With optimization. After all, if the innovation brought about by the chain reaction of the accident caused by the brand injury is very large.

Simply put, because the folding machine used in the process, the phone is very high frequency of bending, the equipment itself, the durability and life may not be optimistic. Foldable mobile phones need to use a more flexible flexible panel, the cost is high, damage to depreciation maintenance costs. In addition to the screen, the internal components of the phone will be due to bending and wear?

Second, the folding screen to bring a new shape, the need to develop a corresponding interactive interface, which is a major difficulty.

Said so much, what is the benefit of folding the phone? The only advantage lies in the appearance of more cool, start to get a bigger screen, but bring a greater R & D costs and many uncertainties.

And today, mobile payment wallet and social networking, personal privacy are precipitated on the phone, the phone for consumers is not just a product can be played, it is a lot of personal privacy, property and social security is closely related The Users for mobile phone security and stability and service life is more important, this demand to more than other innovative needs.

A futile screen that looks cool but less secure than reliability, may be some of the user’s early adopters, but if it is not enough to support the user’s impulsive consumption and persistent immersion in terms of playability and stability Demand, it will not be a durable just need to have the product.

If it is only for a larger screen, the user can choose a large screen phone, if only the pursuit of a larger screen is really necessary to fold the phone design?

And today’s large-screen mobile phone in the visual experience level has been able to completely the majority of users on the screen size of the demand, if the user needs a larger screen, Tablet PC itself has been enough, it was also mentioned the existence of dual-screen Can make mobile phone multi-task ability to be greatly enhanced, but the multi-tasking capacity may not be the current ordinary users just need to pain points, in general, folding mobile phone is more like a innovation and innovation is played.

Although some people complain that today’s mobile phones are almost always a kind, but not because of mobile phone design bottlenecks have to engage in a folding screen. Moreover, folding folding folding folded, the body thickness has doubled again, once again posed a challenge to the beauty of the phone.

Therefore, for mobile phone manufacturers, folding phone to achieve the difficulty is still very large, but the reason why so many manufacturers excited about the folding phone, is the use of collapsible display, may redefine the smart phone, breaking the current smart phone Of the innovation bottleneck, the first to occupy the user mind, to break the phenomenon of stagnant sales.

But from the current point of view, folding mobile phone may not be a good idea, and the main innovations of folding mobile phones are focused on the screen, and in the field of screen technology, Samsung is currently taking advantage of the larger, because the screen can be made Folding, more light OLED undoubtedly the biggest advantage, to achieve a more ideal surface and foldable screen.

In the field of OLED screen, is basically a monopoly of Samsung. Domestic mobile phones to follow suit, often limited by capacity and screen yield and become cannon fodder.

I suggest that domestic mobile phone first wait and see not to chase this outlet, if you want to solve the user for the larger screen requirements, may wish to do a good first full screen, because in the field of folding mobile phone, once the product accident and yield problems arise, often lead to large The negative reputation of the scale led to damage to the brand image, which led to new product sales problems.

Despite the folding of the phone can achieve a larger screen, but also to break the current homogenization of the limitations, foldable mobile phone is a worthwhile exploration direction. To sum up, it may not be a viable innovation direction, it will not be the future of smart phones.


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