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Fitness Apps to keep you healthy and fit

Mar 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Personal fitness is becoming a priority for everyone. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of personal fitness and want to have a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth and in order to lead a healthy life it is important to eat good food and do exercise. In order to keep you regular and motivated in your fitness routine a number of fitness Apps are created that monitor various body functions and help you in keeping fit. In this article we share top fitness Apps that thousands of people are benefitting from. You can use them in your daily life and feel the difference.

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JeFit Work out Fitness Apps

fitness apps

Jefit work out is a great fitness trainer. It has a large database of exercise routines with videos demonstrating how each of them is done. It has schedules that will help you in keeping track of all the weights you lifted and other exercise cycles you have completed. Its tracker is one of the most comprehensive among the fitness apps. There are over 1300 exercises with videos on Jefit. It has an online social community too to keep you motivated, although it is optional. It is available free of cost on Android stores, however to get the JeFit Pro pay 4.99 per month or 19.99 for yearly subscription.

Fitbit Fitness Apps

Fitbit has become a huge name in the field of health and fitness. Fitbit is well known for their top of the range activity trackers, exercise monitors and e fitness trainers. However even if you do not have any physical Fitbit device, you can still make use of Fitbit App. It comes with a great activity tracker that can even count the steps you take depending on that you carry the mobile phone with you all the time. It can log in your health information about vital like blood pressure, cholesterol and temperature. If you have a Fitbit tracker it is even easier to use this App as the data is automatically sent to the App otherwise you can use it separately too.

Sworkit Fitness Apps

fitness apps

It is another great fitness App. It’s name is short form of Simply work it. its Lite version is free and the Pro version is available at 4.99  per month. In the Pro version there are added features of keeping track of your exercise routines and managing the history of your custom workout. In the Lite version you get access to more than 170 exercises and the routines are detailed and fit enough for professionals and athletes. It is a highly popular App and it tops the ARC’s ranking of fitness Apps.

fitness apps

There is a Sworkit kids version also available that is a very attractive App and bound to keep the little ones on the health track. Here the exercise routines are suitable for children. Even adults who are new at exercising can start off with the kids version first.

CalorieCounter by My Fitness Pal

fitness apps

This fitness app is more centered on food consumption rather than exercises. Of course if you just exercise but do not control your diet you are not going to go very far in your fitness cycle. Calorie counter is one of the best food watching apps around. It has a huge database of food and its calorie counts. There are approximately 4 million different foods on the CalorieCounter. You can keep an exact count of what foods that you consume and your calories per day.

It is an easy to use App and millions of people are using it every day to eat healthy. It is available free of cost in App stores. However there are many in app purchases that you can make if you require.

Endomondo Fitness Apps

fitness apps

It is also a fitness app that is widely and popularly used. It is sort of a social community where you can join your friends and enjoy your fitness regime. It is available free of cost with in app purchases and a pro version also at 2.50 dollars per month of monthly subscription. It tracks your exercises, gym time, cycling time and other outdoor activities. It has an accompanying website also that will help you in recording your schedules. It will go with you everywhere.

Google Fit

fitness apps

When you see the name Google, you automatically associate quality and excellence with it. Google Fit is another fitness app that has been around for quite some time now and it has its regular users. Once you start using Google Fit you will forget about other fitness apps. It has very detailed fitness scheduling and exercise tracking system. One thing that makes it different from other apps is that integrates the Android wear within itself. So if you are a fan of their smart watches do try this App out. Another thing is that it is completely free. There are no hassles of monthly subscription or annual fees. Google once again proves to be reliable and efficient.

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Work out trainer by Skimble Inc

Work out trainer is again a fitness app that has been highly recommended and is widely used by many satisfied users. You can create customized videos through it. You can watch do along videos here that you would work out with as the video is played. There are also weekly workout challenges and customized training program designed for you only if you buy the premium version.


These are some of the top fitness apps available on android play stores. In this article we have mainly given fitness Apps that are centered on exercise routines. The fitness apps that mainly center on food or motivation for movement or fitness music will be covered in the upcoming articles.

Do you use any fitness App? Let us know in the comments section below.

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