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First Patch Of The Year Solves Many Microsoft Office Problems

Jan 3, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft also released the first updates of the year on the first Tuesday of this month.In the course of this, various office applications have been updated.However, no security-related bugs were fixed, but as some annoying bugs were fixed and improvements made, an installation is still recommended.

Microsoft Officemicrosoft office

The updates cover various individual applications for Office 2013 and Office 2016. Users of the two packages receive modernized thesaurus components, for example. In Office 2013, a bug was also removed that caused problems in PowerPoint when a # sign was included in the filename of a presentation. Minor bugs were also eliminated in Project 2013 and Skype for Business 2015.
Users who have installed Office 2016 got the most updates. The overarching updates include a fix for the appearance of add-ins on the Ribbon. In addition, the font selection has been optimized to resolve any display issues.

Two openly visible bugs were removed by the developers in Outlook: Firstly, recipients were not inserted correctly when copying, and occasionally the drop-down menu for adding attachments was also no longer displayed.Difficulties were solved, which occurred in rare cases in the authentication. All updates for the two Office packages should, as usual, automatically reach the users who have installed the applications in question via Microsoft Update. Of course, they can also be downloaded individually manually from Microsoft.

Office 2013:

  • Update for Microsoft Office 2013 ( KB3172510 ): The update improves the modern policy thesaurus for all Office 2013 products.
  • Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 ( KB4011635 ): This update resolves the following issue: After installing February 7, 2017, update for PowerPoint 2013 ( KB3141461 ), the file name was truncated if the name of the presentation file was special characters, such as a number sign (#) contains. This update also corrects the translation of the term “slides” in the Korean version of PowerPoint 2013.
  • Update for Microsoft Project 2013 ( KB4011640 ): This update fixes the following issues:
    When working on a project in Project 2013, you receive the following error message: “This operation can not be completed because the source file contains invalid project data or the total number of rows exceeds the limit of 1,048,000. Verify the data in the source file, add less Rows or split the project into subprojects to provide more space for operations and resources. “ This problem occurs when the maximum ID of 1048576 for the unique identifier for maps is exceeded. In certain scenarios, the following error message also appears in the German version of Project 2013: “The date entered is not supported for this field, dates must be between January 1, 1984 through December 31, 2149. Enter the date in the correct format. eg 06/15/00 or 15 June 2000 “.
  • Update for Skype for Business 2015 ( KB4011638 ): Fixed the problem that some Skype meetings were not found, which one wanted to join.

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Office 2016:

  • Update for Microsoft Access 2016 ( KB4011221 ): This update fixes the following issues: When opening a password-protected Access Runtime application, the Home tab displays in the menu while a password dialog box is active. Access 2016 may also crash when you try to add a lookup field to a linked table in Datasheet view.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB3178662 ): The update improves the thesaurus.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011146 ): This update makes the following improvements: It ensures that the Ribbon displays only add-ins that have been marked. It translates some terms into multiple languages to make sure the meaning is correct.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011569 ): This fix improves the font selection so that the text always displays correctly. This update also fixes the following problem: The recipients are not inserted correctly when copying to the CC and BCC fields.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011625 ): This update fixes the following issue: After clicking the ” Attach File” option, the drop-down menu may disappear.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011630 ): This update adds a registry key that allows authentication even when online content is disabled.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011631 ): This update improves the font selection so that texts are displayed correctly.
  • Update for Microsoft Office 2016 ( KB4011644 ): For example, a chart displays arrows in the opposite direction. This update addresses this inconsistency.
  • Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 ( KB4011564 ): This update fixes the translation for the term “slides” in the Korean version of PowerPoint 2016.
  • Update for Microsoft Project 2016 ( KB4011633 ): This update improves the translation for the Organize dialog box in the Danish version of Project 2016. It also fixes issues with resource allocation.
  • Update for Microsoft Visio 2016 ( KB4011215 ): The update improves reliability when running Visio in automation mode.
  • Update for Skype for Business 2016 ( KB4011623 ): This update fixes issues that can occur when finding meetings through Outlook, locating new users, and screen sharing.


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