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Facebook to reduce major bounce time with Facebook WATCH

Aug 14, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Facebook has recently launched a new platform watch. It is still available in parts of United States only, but is expected to rollover worldwide pretty soon. So what’s new with Facebook watch? Well it is a major step in relying on internal content rather than being dependent on the external one. Right now, you know that the major content on Facebook is external content. But with Facebook watch this trend is expected to change.

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Facebook Watch

Watching the video content on the go is vastly becoming popular. Hundreds of videos are shared and being watched on Facebook every day. So for that Facebook has decided to develop a dedicated platform, making it pretty easier to access the videos of different shows and thus reducing its bounce rate even more. Now with Watch it is much easier for people to find content they want to watch and thus they can reach the content easily.

In the Facebook watch platform there are a number of interesting sections. Here producers and creators can develop and showcase their shows to a wide range of people. Facebook Watch has sections like What is making people laugh, most talked about and of course what friends are watching. The shows are made of episodes and these episodes can be live using the Facebook live feature or recorded. The live feature is great is it is expected to bring lots of people together for events like super bowl etc.

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The feature, it seems will attract a lot of attention and Facebook will soon be able to garner a universal following once it is rolled out for more audience. So with this feature Facebook tactfully aims as making people stay on their site for a longer period of time than they already do which quite frankly is a lot.

Are you excited about the Facebook Watch? Has it reached your Facebook yet? Let us know by commenting below.


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