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Facebook Marketing Tools

Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Facebook is perhaps the most widely used social media platform. It is no wonder then that a lot of companies use Facebook for marketing purposes. What many people do not know is that there are a lot of Facebook marketing features that are hidden and not that well known. Proper information about all the marketing features will let you use them better and up your marketing game. There is no point in posting content blindly when you do not know how to use Facebook marketing features efficiently. 

Facebook Marketing Features You Probably Didn’t Know About:

Published Post Search

If you use Facebook regularly to post content, you probably get confused very often about posting about certain things. Most people do not want to be redundant. Posting the same thing over and over can also irk customers and make them unlike your page. However, sometimes you may want to post the something you post earlier as a reminder. Or you may want to reiterate it it. Whatever the reason might be, you often want to see how well did past posts do. For this, Facebook has a feature. Below the ‘Publishing Tools’ tab of your Facebook page is a tool known as ‘Search’, or ‘Published Post Search’.

facebook marketing

Pages To Watch

Use the feature called pages to watch to know what your competitors upto. It can tell you things like how much they have posted. how much they posted in a week, how many likes they have, etc. Click insights, and then select pages to watch tab.

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facebook pages to watch

Use Chrome To Download Videos

Use Facebook on Chrome to be able to download video. Posting a video has more impact than sharing a video. Of course, you must tag the original poster.

Secret Emoticons

Emoticons can liven up your Facebook posts and make them more attractive. Use these secret and cool emoticons to attract more people! You probably already use the usually emoticons like the smiley face. But do you know you can use other emoticons like a whale? How cool will that be? Here is how to use secret emoticons:

(y) = thumbs-up ‘like’ symbol

:|] = a robot

<(“) = a penguin

(^^^) = a white shark

facebook secret emoji

Like Pages As A Business Page

You can always like the pages of your friend’s business page from your own. But do you know you can also like it from your business page? Liking a business page from your own gives it brand support, and it is also more professional. Here is how to do it:

facebook marketing

Go to the page you want to like and support the small gear icon

like as a business facebook

Click ‘Like A Your Page’


Search for your page from drop down menu and click save

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a facebook marketing feature for audience-building  that lets you create audiences from your website traffic, track conversions to your ads and optimize your ads for conversions. It’s very easy to set up. Here is how to use it:Click on Facebook Ads Manager-Click on Assets-Click on Pixels-Copy the code and paste it b/w the header tag of your site-create audiences including previous site visitors.


Save Links For Later

Sometimes an article may catch your eye but you maybe in a rush. A lot of great informative and useful articles can be missed this way. Facebook has  a great feature  that you can use to save links for later. Use this feature to save all the articles that you like but you don’t have time for. Access your saved content by going to www.facebook.com/saved

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facebook save for later

Automatic Translation For International Readers

Adjust your page setting for automatic translation so people from all over the world can read your posts. This is a great way to target international audience.

facebook translation

Make sure you change the settings for automatic translation so you don’t miss out international audience

Know Where Your Likes Are Coming From

Another great Facebook marketing feature is seeing the people and pages who have liked your pages. This can let you know more about people who follow your page and give you greater insight. It can also let you see any fake accounts that might be causing disruptions on your page. It can also let you see brands that follow you and explore possibilities of partnership. Keep tabs on people and pages who like your page with this feature.

facebook marketing

Analyse Your Page

Who does not like analysis of their page to know how it is doing? The Facebook tips page is what you need! It gives you quick tips and tricks for successful marketing. It also analysis your face. This feature can be found on the right hand side of the page.

Pin Posts

Another useful Facebook marketing tool is the pin post feature. Pin post allows you to keep an important post on the top of your page. This can be done to make sure users see important posts like a reminder, an ad, an offer, end of a deadline etc. This feature can be used from the arrow in your post. Do make sure that you rotate pin often. It will be very embarrassing to have a pinned post that, for example, talks about some last year’s offer. It will send a bad impression about you. You will also be losing opportunity to pin new, important, and relevant posts.

Facebook has a lot of great marketing tools. If used correctly, they can increase the number of likes on your page and also be beneficial for your business. It is important to keep yourself updated as Facebook often introduces new features.

Do you own a page on Facebook? Has it helped your business/ Were you aware of the marketing features stated above? Let us know in the comments below!

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