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Facebook to launch its own PC gaming platform..

Aug 19, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

While most gamers are currently bragging about their latest work they are going to unfold at the Gamescom 2016, Facebook has been doing some work of their own too.

Facebook games have been well known for the addictive notions they infer. Whether its Farmville or Candy Crush, players of all age just couldn’t get enough of it. Mark Zuckerberg plans of taking this to his advantage and provide gamers a more surreal gaming experience after his $2 billion Oculus VR acquisition, the social media network is launching their first PC gaming platform today and this platform is expected to rely severely on the universal, unity gaming platform as they developers reveal.

Providing you with the slight glimpse of this project, Zuckerberg and Co. is explaining this venture as a “new export feature” of unity gaming that enables studios to publish a game directly to Facebook and to the aforesaid Facebook PC gaming platform as well with some added perks. The company did not disclose their plans about the Oculus VR yet, but they have said just enough to make our stomach’s churn with curiosity that is, they are going to make “completely new kinds of experiences” with the VR handset.

Though this project is said to be developer-centric but it is still promptly related to the dedicated gaming users of Facebook. The gaming platform is stated by Facebook to be something “quite similar to Steam”.

“Integrating tools that provide effortless access to Facebook’s network is a key part of helping developers find the success they deserve,”  

said Unity’s VP of business development, Elliot Solomon, in a recorded statement from a press release.

Most of us are enjoying unity game platforms and don’t even know it! To name a few, Monument Valley, Alto’s Adventure, Firewatch, Ori and the Blind Forest, Kerbal space program and Superhot all are built using the ubiquitous Unity toolset which is what makes this project so big and eminent. Unity is an open source and immensely popular tool around the world among almost all game developers because of its laid-back features and impressive results which is the reason it takes very little of the extra coding effort from the Zuckerberg and Co.’s developers to port it to Facebook’s platform.

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Unity app is known to power an uncountable number of VR platforms which plays a n expedient role in Facebook’s Oculus VR gaming venture, because sooner or later the company is going to need to sell its platform and this venture will make it even more priceless.

Facebook has reportedly spent $2.5 billion, on gaming developers and that’s just the statistics of last year. Facebook has expectedly 650 million players on its gaming network and sources tell us that in the last 2 days, Steam has more than 11 million co-existing users. This venture is expected to do wonders in the near future and hopefully be a new evolution in the gaming world.

Facebook is currently busy running closed alpha tests on this project and new applications are pen to join till 31st of August. Also Zuckerberg promises hands-on access to the recent build and the export function.

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