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Facebook Is A Better Employer Than Google

Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Facebook and Google are two of the most coveted companies in the world for those looking for a (better) job. While the employees of both companies say they are very satisfied with their jobs, to understand the attractive salaries and the many benefits, a direct comparison between the two giants made by Business Insider shows that Facebook would be a slightly more attractive place, especially for those who want to affirm themselves.

Facebook And Google

Here are the arguments of American journalists:

Facebook employees are a little more satisfied with their job

Overall employee satisfaction is high on both Facebook and Google, according to reviews from the Glassdoor Career site, but Mark Zuckerberg’s company has a slightly higher score of 4.5 out of 5 vs. 4.4 in the Google case.

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One reason is that they enjoy more freedom

According to Don Faul, a former Facebook manager, unlike Google, he says, which is a more structured company and puts more emphasis on the title of “manager,” Facebook employees are assigned to positions to capitalize on their qualities and are encouraged to have a critical thinking about managerial decisions. The title of your job means nothing. What matters is the quality of work, your conviction power and the ability to influence people.

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Facebook employees earn more than employees from similar positions from Google

Salary is not everything when it comes to job satisfaction, but it certainly has an important role to play. According to Glassdoor, a Facebook software engineer earns $ 126,780 a year, while a software engineer at Google has a $ 126,733 payroll a year. The difference is more visible for entry-level positions. Thus, the salary for an internship in software engineering is about $ 7,080 a month on Facebook, while at Google is $ 6,634 a month.

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And they are convinced that their work is important

To the question “Do you think your work makes the world a better place?”, Addressed by the PayScale website last year to employees of the two companies, 81% of Facebook employees responded affirmatively, compared to 67% for Google. The explanation offered by a former Google employee might be that there are too many qualified people in this company. It may be difficult to get a sense of accomplishment about what you do, and this feeling is quite important for people who are ambitious enough to go through the Google hiring process, the former employee explains.

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The hiring process is a little easier on Facebook

According to Glassdoor’s ratings, it’s harder to get past the Google job interview than Facebook. The company set up by Larry Page and Sergey Brin hires the best candidates, but this gets to its disadvantage, according to another former employee, as these candidates reach low-level positions. For example, students from top universities provide technical support or manually delete content reported on YouTube.

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There is more room for development on Facebook

Google is too big for most of its over 60,000 employees to have a real impact. On the other hand, the Facebook team is made up of less than 24,000 people, which means it’s easier for employees to get noticed. Also, Glassdoor’s ratings show that Facebook employees think they have more growth opportunities.

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Facebook offers more attractive benefits, especially for parents

Both companies offer their employees a lot of benefits: free food, modern offices, transport facilitation. But in general, Facebook employees are more pleased with their benefits than Google, according to Glassdoor. Facebook outperforms Google, particularly in terms of family life, giving employees special bonuses and 17 weeks of parental leave for both women and men. On the other hand, Google offers 18 weeks for maternity leave, but between 7 and 12 weeks for paternity leave.

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Both policies are quite generous in the US, the country where paid maternity or paternity leave is not guaranteed.


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