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Facebook has different standards for ordinary users and senior leaders

Apr 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The world’s largest social network Facebook apparently has different standards for ordinary users and senior leaders. The company now admitted that it had deleted messages written by company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg via its in-house messenger from recipients’ inboxes.

Mark Zuckerberg

Specifically, it is about the deletion of news that Zuckerberg sent in 2014 to a number of contacts. In a statement to the US portal TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesman said that following the so-called Sony hack, “a number of changes have been made to protect the communications of senior employees.” 

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According to the speaker, this also included a limitation of the retention of Mark Zuckerberg’s messages in Facebook Messenger. This was in full compliance with the legal requirements for keeping messages, it said. According to TechCrunch, the news in question simply disappeared from the talks with Zuckerberg. They can also no longer be downloaded via Facebook’s own backup tool.

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Recent news that has been exchanged with Zuckerberg, should not have been affected by the deletion, the report says. Also, various older messages have been preserved. Facebook had never communicated the deletion of messages, but simply silently and secretly removed them from the recipients’ inboxes. For ordinary users of Facebook Messenger, it is not possible to delete once sent messages from the inboxes of a recipient. Instead, you can only delete them from “your own side” of the conversation, but they are never completely removed.

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There are no regulations in Facebook’s Terms of Service concerning the deletion of content without violating community guidelines. Critics this “two-fold measure” by Facebook as another proof that the enterprise places no value on the privacy of its users, while it tries to extinguish the misbehaviour of the own coworkers.


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