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Facebook Camera ready to roll out

Mar 29, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

First it was the Messenger Day update in Facebook messenger and now Facebook app is going to have a makeover with Facebook camera. Now Facebook wants us to have the sharing experience more visual and video based than based on text. The camera update will let users to share more intimate experiences of their lives at the moment in a fun and enjoyable way. This is one of the biggest Facebook updates and it is expected that it will change the whole Facebook experience.

According to Facebook the more we share, the more connected and close our community will be. Thus the Facebook camera is a step towards achieving this goal.

The new Facebook camera brings two new ways to share images and videos through Facebook and not only that it comes packed with a number of special features.

How to use Facebook Camera?

The camera button is located on the top left corner of the Facebook App. It can also be summoned by swipe right from the newsfeed. The camera allows you to take great images. Tap the camera button for images and long tap to activate the camera. The pictures and videos will then come up in Facebook stories a new section above the newsfeed. These videos and images can then be shared through Facebook direct visual messaging to specific friends or you can post them directly to your newsfeed for all your friends to see.

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When will we be able to use Facebook Camera?

According to Facebook newsroom, starting March 29, 2017, Facebook Camera will be rolled out worldwide. Members can get it within a few days and start sharing their experiences. It is being released for both iOS and Android devices.

The new feature is expected to be a huge hit as it is like SnapChat which is a rage these days with the young generation especially. Since earlier this year Facebook made a failed attempt at buying SnapChat, we are seeing all the Facebook owned platforms having feature like SnapChat Stories or snaps. First it was Instagram stories then Whatsapp Status and now Facebook Camera.

Facebook Camera Effects

The Facebook camera comes with a number of great effects and filters. There is an option to embed emojis and doodles in the pictures. You can edit the videos live as you record them and add interesting effect in them. Two really cool type of effects are reactive effects that let people interact with dynamic objects like rain or falling snow and the second is the artistic effect can be applied to videos in real time.

Facebook Camera

Another really cool thing is Facebook’s collaboration with media giants and upcoming movies. There are frames and masks customized for movies like despicable me 3, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 etc.

Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera

Here are some cool effects as shared by Facebook that are pretty enticing and we cannot wait to try our hand on them.

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So what do you think about Facebook Camera? Are you excited by it? Let us know you views in comments below.

Image Credits Facebook Newsroom


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