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Start your own Email Marketing today with these Tips and Software

Jul 15, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Email Marketing Tips & Guide

You’re caught up with some serious problem, Right!! But there you go!! We have assembled some of the best email marketing tips and tricks that can help you find the real and genuine audience for your businesses without wasting your expensive time! We know that it isn’t easy to start a business without any hassle or problems but make sure there are always some solutions to the emerging problems. Here we’ll help you find the best solution to the problems you face while email marketing. As an entrepreneur or marketing strategist you must consider the set of services or the product line you are providing to your customers because it will be opening up a door or virtual accesses for your customers. Email Marketing can play a key role in generating revenue monthly or yearly as targeted to achieve. Email Marketing seems easy but it also requires the same attentions and preparations as any other department of your business requires. Let’s get to the main aspects of strategies you must consider for email marketing;

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Audience Identifying Process

It is to keep in mind that every business has a specific type and customers. You first have to know your product/services deeply and who are you targeted audiences and where they can be find???? It’s easy to find out – Businesses can be of many types and as I mentioned the audience will also be different; for instance if it’s a hotel – You’ll be focusing on the services you can provide and the luxuries comfort to your customers at your hotel. So as in the case of ecommerce stores where you strive to focus your customers carefully specially for email marketing. Once you’ve started now it’s time to give a little more concentration to the customers who really want to get in touch with your coming products and services and wants to be aware of it. Here we start the Email Marketing that help you keep on track with your customers.

Email Marketing for STARTUPS

Your business has been started and you’re reaching out to new customers through WORD OF MOUTH or other marketing platform and now people are landing over your website & making purchases and you must have maintaining your database in which you’re putting up their email address as well. Once the customer has shown interest in your products or services it is time to keep them reminding of your existence that you are keeping coming up with new services.
There comes a time when you start evaluating even more loyal customers in different list with their interest for example; if some of the customers have purchased shoes and some did electronics from your website so these two are totally different type of customers and you need to maintain list of their interests. This is the way you can identify your customers with their interests.

Communication Strategies Importance

Now it is clear that you’ve come to know each of your customers with their interests and buying power. But this isn’t it that you start sending Emails without any strategy behind. You have to keep track of the emails and need to use your intelligence without losing your customers. Here are two things that you have to keep in mind before using any web based software for email marketing; Right Paths & Frequency of Emails.

Right Paths;

Now you have to check whether which audience is more interested in receiving your updates and how often they visit you whether they’ll be suitable for email marketing. You can reach them by starting campaigns on different mediums you can use Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and even phone or messages to find out which customer is more interested in receiving such You can write blogs, start campaigns and much more to keep active the customers.

Frequency of Emails;

Here is another important thing that you must not forget while email marketing that not all the customers are social and wants to receive emails on daily basis. Sending too many emails can cause your customers to unsubscribe from the list or doing more rarely can also cause them to forget about your existence. So here you need to remember that people wants be updated with time to time not more often or not rarely.

Analyze your Message

Now the focus has changed, all the above things are done and it’s time to analyze the message you’re going to input your email. What & how is a question that you can ask? What type of message your customer wants to see or how they wants to see

Audience Interests:

Audience has sign up for some reason. You have to find out that reason carefully and do the things right. Put reasonable and great deals in your messages people are more often interested in discounts and new deals. Put great graphic designing and user interface that customer should not get bore. Make sure it should not be too much funky that they don’t even open the link. Beautiful soothing colors and appealing photography of your product can complete hem to open up the link and at least visit your website to check what is new.

Set Goal;
It’s wrong if you have not set your goal before email marketing as you know nothing is possible without a right goal. Reason behind everything is necessary and so in the same case. Set the goals before starting. You have to know your goals carefully as what is the reason behind this email marketing whether to expand your customers’ area of to focus on to gain more purchase. Email marketing can help you generate revenue easily you just need to focus all the above things in mind.

Tips for Email Marketing Campaigns

I believe the above written guideline is a great way to analyze your audience carefully before EMAIL MARKETING all you need to do is to find out and spread the word. Click on the VIDEO that can help you more in Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Tips:

Email Marketing Free Software

3 Most efficient web based email marketing free software has everything you’re looking for promoting or expanding your business online, here we’ve a complete guide to Email Marketing. 

These days’ online businesses are more relying on Email Marketing for promoting or expanding their businesses online. Looking at the competent market situation most of the entrepreneur those who has just started or new in their business are more in search of the kind of softwares or  tools that can help them spread or high their reaches as early as possible. There are hundreds of softwares that provide way to spread emails efficiently but what we’ve found was the best of all that is MailChimp which has all the features any entrepreneur must be looking for before expanding or investing online for Email Marketing. You can use their services for almost free WOW and it’s really easy to handle. You can even visit our blog on EMAIL MARKETING TIPS as well before splitting your emails to your customers via this software.


MailChimp had been introduced since 2001 in email marketing world. They’ve got more than 12 million people and businesses around the glob that uses MailChimp regularly; they send billion emails a day “That is Huge”. Specialty is – The efficient way they uses to democratize technology for small business it’s how they are empowering their customers to grow even more fast. Their Features are perfect for email marketing on which we are going to discuss in-depth.


Email Marketing You can access all of MailChimp features if you’ve 2,000 or less subscriber, it will allow you to send maximum of 12,000 emails per month which is absolutely freee WOW. There will never be any trial expiration, contract or any credit card requires. AMAZING!!

Features for You

Connect your Store-Increase your Sell!

Email Marketing

Once you’ll connect your store with Mailchimp e-commerce integration, it will allow you to make campaign, automate helpful follow-ups and send back-in-stock messaging. You’ll learn better that what your customers are purchasing and what are their interest. It will really help you find out that what email should send to which category of customers. There are some of the softwares you can connect to MailChimp for Email Marketing!

Templates for any size of Brand you are!

Email Marketing

There you go with a great features of MailChimp for email marketing, they provide various templates for all size of businesses you have, it might be a single product business or might be a complete superstore where thousands of products you sale. The templates design is very flexible that it provides you a great way to spread your complete message to your customers and easily you can keep them aware of the product line you have in your store for them.

Easy Analytical Approach!

Email Marketing Here you can get advance MailChimp features that allow you to access all of your activities, monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports. You can access to anywhere you are, you just have to log in and to check all the activities going on.

Mobile Options for you!

Email Marketing

You can have a great access to your account via your mobile phone, can check your emails, reports, notes and contact can even send campaign no matter where you are the time of sending. You’ve restocked anything popular?? WOW- just sign in use your MailChimp feature and send a photo based email to all of your contact within no time its great and wow. Don’t worry about the different social apps people have, MailChimp is so friendly that can adjust to size they are using.

Sync your Data

Email Marketing

You can easily sync your data to hundreds of softwares you have. Connect your contacts from these apps to MailChimp and be updated to the features. This complete guide to MailChimp has everything you can learn and apply for email marketing.

Benchmark Email

Email Marketing

Email marketing free software; Here we have free software that can allow you to send up to 10,000 emails per month, which is excellent and greater than any other plan you might opt for ever. It is great in expending their features in free plans as well in which you can access to create online survey, use their templates, and track email statists easily. But we can’t compare it to the features Mailchimp allow is that you can’t import the entire contact list you have, you can only access to the customers and contact that have come via sign up form. If you don’t have such form or anything then this is the problem. You better choose Mailchimp! Email Marketing for all the entrepreneurs.

Vertical Response

Email Marketing

Email marketing free software; It’s another software that can enables you to send up to 4,000 emails per month and you can even store up to 1,000 contacts. For small business and lower end you can use this software as it allows less the subscriber and little list of contacts you can approach. There is a auto responded toot which is included in a free plan for a limited time period where you can create an unlimited sign up forms. Social sites are more flexible in it as you can connect your Facebook and Twitter that’s the way you can even connect your social customers as well. That is all for free but when you feel you’re growing and need some more wide areas you can switch to cost plan. Email Marketing is a great way!

Choose a plan according to your need!

If you’ve went through the blog deeply and did a through analyze you’ll find it great and easy to tackle which software you should opt or which you should not. Email Marketing has become the great source of increasing number of customers and audience reaches within no time. E-commerce stores are relying on it and making more money and generating more revenue then before it’s just that they are keep updating their customers with the new services they are providing and offering on weekly or monthly basis. This blog is all about email marketing and will help you find the right web based software for promoting your brand.

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