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Elon Musk Thinks That AI Threatens Human Existence

Jul 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to media reports, Tesla car company CEO Elon Musk is seriously concerned about artificial intelligence. Musk said that government regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) is necessary because it poses a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.

Elon Musk AI Concerns

Musk said the car accident, crash, drugs, and food problems will only cause local damage to the community, but artificial intelligence may pose a threat to the whole society. For example, with artificial intelligence- driven machines, in the future robots will certainly replace the human work. He is really afraid of this possibility. Musk pointed out that in 2014 the US transportation industry provided 4.6 million jobs, and these jobs will be the future of the arrival of unmanned vehicles and will gradually disappear. The robots will deal with all the work. 

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Musk also warned that the biggest threat to artificial intelligence is not a robot killer, but the deep wisdom of the network. He further explained that artificial intelligence can create false games, send false news, etc. to manipulate information and even can lead to war.

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In fact, Musk donated $ 10 million to the Future of Life Institute in January last year to help them study how to ensure the safety of artificial intelligence research and development. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that human beings always have control over artificial intelligence and that they will not destroy mankind.


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