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Ed Sheeran is on fan tour

Jun 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ed Sheeran songs have already created hype in the music industry, along with it his child-like looks and really kind nature is what is making him more and more popular. In couple of weeks he has gotten to the highs of fame and that is because it seems like he is going around London spreading smiles on the faces of his fans and also fulfilling their wish to sing-along with his. Ed Sheeran has proved himself to be really down to earth person. He is not just making and selling music but also he has proven himself in past few days to be a people’s person.

June 16 with the grieving fan:

Teagan Williams is the young girl who got the chance to meet with Ed Sheeran after she won tickets to his concert. The Ed Sheeran songs have been the greatest help for her brother who died in January due to prescription drug over dose. She told her story mentioning that she and her brother loved the singer and Ed Sheeran concert was the way to reconnect with her brother and keep his memories alive. She mentioned that when her brother died, she left the CD of Sheeran in the graveyard so that he may find his peace in it.

<img src=”Image URL” alt=”ED Sheeran with Teagan Williams”>

June 17 with the singing fan:

Well the next step of Ed Sheeran tour to show love to people was when he heard his fan singing his song in the mall in order to collect donation. She sang half of the song of Sheeran when he jumped on the stage and sang chorus and a verse with her. This not only made 8th grade student Sydney Bourbeau famous but also she was surprised and got a hug from her favorite super star. The girl at her age when shares a mic with her favorite star no doubt she will be so happy and this not only brought smile to her face but also many other faces present there who got to enjoy couple minutes of mini concert.

<img src=”Image URL” alt=”ED Sheeran with Sydney Bourbeau”>

And a visit to Saskatoon:

According to all the news feed Ed Sheeran has been spotted visiting different pubs and bars in Saskatoon. One of the pub owner “Winston Pub” tweeted that he as grateful for Sheeran’ presence there and he also wished him for a nice trip in Saskatoon. This didn’t end here but on twitter many invitations were extended to Ed Sheeran while he was in the town.

Ed Sheeran songs have taken him to the heights of success where he was nominated for Grammy Award. This fan tour of Ed Sheeran has helped him make the place in heart of his fans and increase his image just as a singer boy to caring, loving human being. Ed Sheeran is expected to keep up his good work as he has now become example for many people around him. We can be loved more only by loving, kind and caring for others and spreading smiles on other’s people faces.

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