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Duolingo Launches paid subscriptions

Apr 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Duolingo, the app that lets you learn different languages for free has turned on its paid subscription services too. If you are worried by this news, regretting that why did not you complete your language course on Duolingo earlier, do not worry. The lessons are still hundred percent free

The paid package brings about two major changes to your app experience. Firstly, it will enable the ad free version of the app. Secondly the video lectures would be available to download on your device. You can then listen to them anywhere you want. Mainly it aims for people to learn the language during long commutes or airplane flights. With the download option the possibilities become unlimited and you can continue your learning process wherever you want to. The download option of course raises the risks of piracy as there is no shortage of people who will download and then upload the videos on torrents. So Duolingo must be aware of the hazards of putting up the download option available but there had been a huge demand of it lately by people. It is rightly available through paid subscription.

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The subscription fee is $10 per month. Duolingo is a great e learning platform and it has made learning languages fun with its fun and easy lectures and exercises. The main promise of Duolingo since the beginning had been providing access to learn different languages for free. If they had put payment for the lectures or learning tools that would have killed the entire motive of the app as they used the word FREE very frequently in all their ad campaigns. But now as we come to know, even if the paid version is there, it will not affect your lectures that will be available for free.

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Have you used Duolingo? What do you think of the App. Let us know by commenting below.

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