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Your Dominos Pizza Will Now Be Delivered To You By A Robot!

Mar 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Domino’s Pizza is partnering with Starship Technologies for a trail program that will deliver pizza in Europe through a robot. The robot will deliver pizza to places within a mile of select stores in some Dutch and German cities.

Delivery Robotdelivery robot

The future of pizza delivery is here! The robot weighs roughly 40 pounds and wheezes around at around four miles per hour. That is the normal walking speed of an average human being.  Robotic delivery will complement Domino’s existing delivery methods, which includes scooters, cars and e-bikes, which will ensure that customers get fresh, hot pizza delivered to them no matter where they are. Dominos has been trying ways to make their pizza delivery more effective and faster. In New Zealand, they tried delivery via emoji and drones. They even had plans to deliver pizza in Japan with reindeers! Unfortunately, they did not go ahead with the plan. Anyhow, the robot is smart, secure, and friendly. It will not collide with pedestrians. It will walk safely on the sidewalk. The food will take nearly 30 minutes to be delivered to you safely. The robots will be equipped with inbuilt sensors and GP systems to let them move between puddles, parked cars, curbs, and other hindrances. Users will receive a notification message with a key code to receive the contents of the robot once it arrives.

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What do you think of this idea? Will you like your food to be delivered by a robot? Let us know below!

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