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Demand For iPhone 8 Is So Bad That It Has Dragged Apple Shares Down

Oct 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

iPhone 8 sales still haven’t improved and Apple is facing repercussions now. The sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have not been as good as expected. Another explanation is that maybe people are waiting for iPhone X. Whatever the reason behind low sales might be, Apple’s share price has reduced by 2.5%.

Apple Shares Price

Today, Apple’s shares fell by 1.5% during pre-trade transactions, after the opening rate has fallen more than 2.5%. Apple has significantly reduced November and December iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus orders. Prior to this, Apple had expected a the peak of 10 million to 12 million iPhone 8 series mobile phone, but now the target figure has become 5 million to 6 million.

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Due to the weak demand, the price of 64GB iPhone 8 has fallen on Apple’s official website. The third party retail has also fallen. The price of 256GB iPhone 8 has also fallen. The prices of 64GB iPhone 8 Plus and 256GB iPhone 8 Plus have fallen too. There is a lot of buzz around iPhone X. It will have facial recognition technology too. It is expected that iPhone X will turn things around for Apple.

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Whether the low demand is because of iPhone X or some other reason, we would only know after iPhone X is launched. Right now, it is clearly not a good time for Apple.


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