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Dell Meta AR glasses to be released next month

Jan 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Augmented reality products have been making waves throughout the world in the tech industry. Augmented reality is the field of IT, that is believed to rule in the upcoming days. That is why, when Dell partnered with Meta to release the Dell Meta AR glasses, everyone got really excited.

Dell Meta AR glasses to be released on February

The new pair of AR glasses from Meta will be released on February 15. The glasses come with some very interesting and promising features. The promised features include direct manipulation of 3D virtual objects, by hand. Another important feature is the use of the AR to manipulate the finished product of a car or building, the use of AR to simulate surgery, and the like. Although there would be further enhancement required but these activities are too costly when done manually in reality.

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Here is what the chairman of Dell has to say about their partnership with meta and the upcoming product Dell Meta AR glasses

“We are excited to establish a new partnership with Meta and to have the opportunity to use AR to further change the industry. VR and AR continue to have tremendous potential in all walks of life. Dell hopes AR tools can be more easily utilized by industries, especially in the medical, manufacturing and construction sectors.”

The features mentioned do look promising. However how far the claims are really fruitful, remains to be seen.

Are you excited about the new AR glasses? Do you think it will be a major milestone in the field of AR and putting AR to practical purposes like in the field of surgery, medicine and manufacturing. Let us know about your views by commenting below.


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