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Data and Power Supply On The Go? Hello Ultra Rugged Cables!

May 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Not only are we hooked to our smartphones 24/7, we used applications that devour power really quick, and we use applications that require the internet. A dying battery and no internet is perhaps our biggest nightmare. Power banks are now available everywhere, which take care of the battery, but what about data? Sure you can use the phone data, but what if you do not need it all the time?

Ultra Rugged Cables By Nomad Goodsnomad goods ultra rugged cables

Seems like the foreign accessories company Nomad was all ears. They have designed an accessory called Ultra Rugged Cables, which will solve your data and power woes. What more can we ask for?

According to Nomad, the quality of the Ultra Rugged Cables is very rugged and reliable. The core layer is made of DuPont Kevlar material which is four times stronger than the ordinary data cable. The cable is covered by double-layer PVC and super-strong nylon sheathed and is made of high strength Ballistic weaving technology. It remains intact even after you bend it 10,000 times!

Ultra Rugged Cables comes with a mobile power in the middle, the capacity of 2350mAh. When the cable is connected to the power supply and the iPhone, the Ultra Rugged Cables will charge the iPhone’s battery first and then charge the integrated battery of the cable itself. The LED lights show you the current state and charge level, which is very convenient.

Ultra Rugged Cables is now certified by MFi for $ 39.95, or approximately $ 275.

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