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Cortana Gets A New UI On Windows 10 Laptops

Dec 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft language assistant Cortana is an essential part of the current operating system Windows 10.Since its too intense, the function is probably not used.Microsoft wants to do something about it and is probably working on a (further) visual and functional revision.


Since the launch of Cortana, Microsoft has been struggling with a problem that also affects all other vendors of such wizards: while the feature is practical in theory, it lacks practical usage scenarios in practice. The only real exception is Amazon Alexa, as this provides their “service” in the smart speaker Echo and this application is also accepted by users.

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With Windows 10, however, the majority prefers to communicate via conventional inputs, ie keyboard, and mouse instead of via microphone.On the Microsoft operating system, Cortana is more than “only” a language assistant, it is the collective term for all search functions, which are carried out via the operating system.

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Microsoft intends to revise the corresponding interface in the course of the next Windows 10 update Redstone 4. A Redditor has now discovered that Microsoft also or specifically wants to customize the presentation on notebooks. On a picture, you can see that Cortana should support so-called skills. How these will work is currently not clear, but it can be assumed that this will be similar to that of Amazon Alexa. In any case, the image reads that such “abilities” include playing audio, tracking fitness, and ordering food online. This will in all likelihood be linked to specific apps, such as Fitness, for example, to an application like Runtastic.


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