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Content Management Systems explained

Mar 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Content management systems or CMSs are software applications or set of programs that are widely used in different organizations. As the name indicates the Content management systems are used to create and manage the digital content. With a content management system it becomes very easy to create and update digital content. Tasks that would otherwise require authorized computer professionals with proper training are easily done by any layman using the content management systems.

The main quality of a CMS is that it allows the manage data on an organizational level so more than one people can easily and the process of CMS becomes very fast.

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There are two basic types of content management systems

Enterprise content management refers to tools and techniques used to manage and update enterprise data. An ECM works throughout the life cycle of an enterprise data. It starts with the creation of data or capturing the data from different places and entering it into the organization’s ECM.

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It also works as preserving and organizing all of the organization’s documents.

There are five basic feature of all good enterprise management systems that are explained as follows.

  1. Getting or capturing the data

The first step of course is to capture the data. Either you are getting it when a transaction occurs or read it from a file, the ECM makes sure to store the data in a digital repository for future use.

The data can be captured by filling of digital forms, organizing and managing digital content or by scanning of the documents and records that are available on paper.

  1. Storage of the data

Once the data is captured, the next step is to securely save it in a way that it is easily retrieve able whenever there is the need to perform some operations on that data. It generates automatic meta data for the information that is stored in a data repository.

  1. Retrieval of the data

This usage mainly derives from the previous part. When you store data properly it becomes easy to retrieve it and perform analysis on it. ECMs usually have highly organized data storage and retrieval systems.

The enterprise content management systems allows many users to work on the same data. One does not need to keep in mind about threading and having a clash with someone else.

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  • Web Content Management

Although almost all websites today are somewhat based on a content management system. Web content management allows collective authoring and management of the website’s digital content. Traditionally the websites were made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript but now thanks to CMS anyone can create their own website.

The web content management systems will give the administrative rights to the site owner. The owner will then make accounts for all the people who want to help in writing the content. It will keep track of all the changes and keep the documents consistent and up to date.

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Although the web content management system have been developed using SQL and PHP, it does not require the user to be well versed in these languages.

Many of the content management systems are open source and freely available for common use. Most of the websites are now developed using the content management systems because if the site is not developed on the basis of a WCM it will become very difficult to update or manage it. for example if the website has eight pages with a header and you want to change the header content you will have to go on every page to update that content.

Content management systems

Following are some open source content management systems, freely available for use.


Although it is not a very widely used content management system but we are starting with it because of its user friendliness and an easy to understand control panel. It is an open source software but it is not as much used as wordpress or Joomla. However people are slowly realizing the importance of this Content management system and it is becoming more and more popular with time.

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Joomla is another open source content management system. Open source means it is freely available to users to work on it. However the advance features and plugins come in after we have made a minimal payment fees. It is used to make websites. It is better suited for static websites but can develop simple dynamic sites also. It manages the content in a good way. However if you are making a complicated dynamic website like Google joomla will not solve your problem then.


Drupal is a very powerful and efficient content management system. It is used to develop advance websites and can perform complex functionality too. However in order to perform these complex operations Drupal is a bit difficult to understand. If you want to develop simple and easy static websites Drupal is not the answer. It should only be used when you are developing complex web pages.


WordPress is a very popular content management system and is widely used by people all over the world. It is specially used by bloggers to post daily blogs and manage blogging websites. Because of its widespread use, WordPress has a number of plugins and add ons that can be freely used by end-users.

It is simple to understand and can make complex websites even with its simple interface. It also guides the users about the SEO and keywords of their content so they can make it better.

Although the CMS does not require you to have any prior knowledge of the computers it is necessary to have a little understanding of PHP and SQL so that it becomes easier for the users to tweak the code.

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Which CMS are you using at home or at work place, share with us in the content section.


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