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Collection New Ad Format by Facebook

Mar 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Facebook advertisement has been getting greater than ever. With a market of over a billion consumers, more and more enterprises are opting for Facebook as their medium of advertisement. Not only facebook is providing them the audience of a huge number, it has also been providing various applications and ad formats that help in attracting the general audience. The newest is collection.

Besides attracting the general audience, Facebook’s ad campaigns are generally very much to the targeted audience. Targeting the right market is one main aspect that has compelled large organizations to choose Facebook ads in their marketing strategy.

collection by Facebook


As far as the advertising methods are concerned, earlier Facebook Launched Canvas, that provided the users to experience screen rich media ads. The ads when clicked provided full screen HD pictures. The images can be swiped to generate new images or even GIFs. It was a successful medium to publish ads but what we have now is even better.

Collection By Facebook

Collection by Facebook allows organizations to advertise a complete collection of their products in a combination of video and images. It lets users tell a visual story of their product which is more attractive to users than the images because here users can see their product as in the real world.

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There is a large video link at the top and four images below, showing products from the advertiser. These four products are chosen by the advertiser however when the consumer clicks the gallery up to fifty products can be seen. When the user clicks on any of the products then he is directed to the official webpage or the app of the advertiser.

According to official Facebook News Page

“Collection increases the likelihood of discovery and a purchase by featuring a primary video or image above relevant product images. Clicking on the ad leads a person to an immersive, fast-loading shopping experience on Facebook that can showcase up to 50 products at a time. Tapping on a product will take the most interested people to a product detail page on a business’ website or app to purchase.”

According to the same source, big brands have already started using this new feature to market their brands. You can see in the following picture the ad campaigns of Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.

collection by Facebook

collection by FAcebook

Collection Ads by Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger

If such huge brands have tried to advertise with Collection then it will be a great motivator for other big names to follow the suit.

Of course the bigger ad campaign means getting much more revenue out of users. In collection Facebook is not only keeping track of clicks on the ads but also on clicks that went from its ad.

What are your views about the new Ad format proposed by Facebook? Would it be successful like canvas? Share your views by commenting below.

Source: Facebook News Page

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