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Chinese Tourists Can Now Use WeChat For Payments in Toronto

May 21, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

orToronto Tourism Board has announced that WeChat can be used for payment in Toronto, where visitors can use microcredit to pay for their purchases.

WeChat In Toronto

Johanne Belanger, the president of the Toronto Tourism Board said that the cooperation between the two sides strengthens their global leadership role in innovation and helps them to aggressively expand in the Chinese market. He said that through cooperation, Chinese tourists can use microcredit to pay directly for products and service payment, using RMB (China’s currency). According to the Toronto Tourism Board, every year more than 300,000 Chinese tourists come to Toronto for traveling, generating about $ 275 million in annual revenue. The access to WeChat payment is also to allow Chinese tourists for an easier payment and checkout experience. In fact, whether it is WeChat or Alipay, it is all about globalization now. A number of European countries and cities have supported the use of these two payment methods for checkout. But at present, WeChat and Alipay’s is easier to use for Chinese consumers.  For global mobile payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay are more widely acceptable. 

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