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Chinese Company ForwardX At CES 2018

Jan 8, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Big events like the CES by no means only offer space to the well-known brands, who can afford an expensive exhibition stand, and a chance to get attention. Even smaller developers will always find a place at these events with their developments. This time, for example, this is the case with the Chinese company forwardX which wants to solve a very practical problem with the now well-known abilities of image analysis KIs.


The company works on suitcases that can independently orient themselves in their environment and follow their owner. Of course, the idea is not completely new. There have been travel accessories in the past that were powered by engines and drove past their owners.However, this could not prevail on a larger scale, since the systems were quite stubborn and could handle very badly even with occurring problems.
That should change with the new ForwardX suitcase. This can capture its surroundings via a camera with 180-degree optics and radar sensors. An AI system inside evaluates the recorded information. The main task here, of course, is to recognize the owner based on various body features and to follow him. If the owner disappears from the field of view, an alternative still a radio bearing to his bracelet is available, based on which the suitcase finds its way.
Otherwise, of course, the system also observes its surroundings to reasonably achieve its goal. This, of course, means that you do not drive other travelers crossing the path. The suitcase, whose wheels are equipped with small electric motors, should stop on time in such cases and seek a new, free passage. The prototypes at CES sometimes work quite well, but it can also be seen that the developers still have a lot to do.


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