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Things To Consider Before Buying iPhone X

Oct 30, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple’s iPhone X went on pre-sale last Friday. The phone has already sold out and now you will have to wait for 5-6 weeks before you can place your order. Due to a rising demand for iPhone X, Apple’s shares have also gone up.

iPhone  Xiphone x

You will have to wait for 5-6 weeks to get your hands on iPhone X. You will now only be able to order it in Early December. Within 5 hours, there were 5.5 million pre-orders for iPhone X in China alone!

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On eBay, you can pay 50% more than the original price to get the phone. iPhone X is one of the most awaited phones of this year. From Friday, some stores will stock a limited amount of the phone. The iPhone X is really different from all the phones that Apple has ever released, that is why there is so much hype about it. iPhone X is also pretty expensive and will be sold for £999. The supply is really low, much lower than that of iPhone 7’s bright black version.

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If you are interested in buying iPhone X, the following points should be concerned. First of all, if your iPhone X order is not delivered on the first day of November 3, please do not worry about the delivery and seek other channels. There is a sufficient supply of iPhone X to fulfill the current orders. If you were promised delivery within 3-4 weeks, then don’t worry as your delivery is likely to be ahead of time.

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From the point of view of the current situation, the first batch will arrive on November 3. The second batch will arrive on November 18th. The iPhone X stocking mode might be like that of Airpods. There might be a good amount of units in the first batch to create an illusion of adequate supply. The replenishment level is not so high so the waiting period can be very long. Apart from the supply issues, there are some other things to consider too before buying an iPhone X.

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iphone x demand

First of all is the thickness of the fuselage. If you compare all the iPhones Apple has ever released, iPhone X is the thickest iPhone released in the last five years. The thickness of iPhone X is 7.7 mm. So, if you are a fan of thinner phones, this phone might not appeal to you too much. 

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iPhone 6 Plus is more than 7mm, iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm, iPhone 7 Plus thickness is 7.3mm, and iPhone 8 Plus thickness is 7.5mm. The thickness of iPhone X is 7.7 mm. The body size is small. So, the phone looks even thicker than it is. After some days of use, you will adapt to the thickness and get used to it.  

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There is also a problem with the application of the adaptation problem. Adaptation and adjustment to the screen size and style will take some time. After the iPhone X pre-sale, Apple announced the first batch of iPhone X will be delivered on November 3. Apple stressed that iPhone X full-screen design improvements are very large, and developers in order to fully optimize this comprehensive screen, and give users the best experience, will need a certain follow-up. The mainstream application is expected to go through the end of November to optimize the iPhone X work.

demand for iphone x

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Finally, there is the problem of maintenance. iPhone X full screen is very nice, but also very fragile. Repair it is also unprecedentedly expensive. In the absence of Apple Care + case, the battery repair will cost 93 USD, the maintenance of the screen will cost 344 USD, and the cost to repair other damage to the glass back cover will cost 690 USD.

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In addition, the purchase of Apple Care + can also be tied to Apple’s new year plan. In the second year, you can sell your phone for the original price to Apple in exchange for a new generation of mobile phone. You will get purchase rights priority. But it is important to note that the new year the user must go to the store to buy Apple Care + to bind, so if you have the habit of buying Apple Care +, it is best to go to the store to buy the phone and the binding plan. 

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Go for the the64G version of the iPhone X, do not be bound for the next year, but buy Apple’s official silicone protective shell. After all, from a personal point of view, the phone will be under your use for a year at least, so 64G basic is enough with a protective shell. It will protect your phone in case it falls down.

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But it should be noted that each generation of iPhone will have some problems. iPhone X official delivery will start soon. What will be the new problem? A burning screen? We will find out on November 3!


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