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BLOODY POOP (Blood in Stool) – Why do Doctors ask a lot about your Stool?

Feb 27, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

An essential question on every doctor’s visit is the color and consistency of your poop (stool). It must seem that we are obsessed with it so much, that, we want to know about each and everything related to it.

However, our interest in it is due to the importance of various findings that point towards different pathologies. One of them is the occurrence of blood along with stool.

The first question that comes to one’s mind is, if it is worrisome in case something like this happens.

In case one experiences blood in stool, consumption of foods that are heavily embedded with red pigment, such as, beet root or carrots should be ruled out. These can falsely turn the color of the stool red making it seem bloody and get us worried for no reason.

Once this is ruled out, we can consider other possible reasons for blood in stool.

At times, people who are constipated pass stools that are extremely hard in consistency. On their way out, they can, scratch their pathway causing fissures. These fissures are not only painful but can bleed whenever stools pass. The bleeding is usually in drops or in very little amount. Also, the blood is usually seen after passing of stool and not mixed with it.

Another vice of constipation is hemorrhoids. Due to excessive strain exhibited, the pressure starts building up in the vessels found near the anus. This makes them swollen to such an extent that they start bleeding every now and then. This leads to occurrence of blood in stool. They also protrude out form the anus and can be painless but in some conditions can be painful as well.

Whenever there is a large amount of blood in stool with increase in the stool’s frequency, infectious diarrhea due to bacteria or parasites should be ruled out before looking at other things. The consistency of stool is also watery. Fever may or may not be present as well.

Blood in stool can also be due to benign growths in the gut which are known as polyps.

Apart from these benign causes, there are certain sinister reasons for presence of blood in stool which warrant our immediate attention.

 If the bleeding in stool is associated with weight loss, fever or altered bowel habits, one should consult a doctor immediately. Malignancy (Cancer) of the intestine can be a reason for this as well and if caught early, it can be treated appropriately.

Therefore, the bottom-line being, that, whatever, the cause may be. One thing is essential to understand, that, whenever there is blood in the poop (stool), it should not be ignored and a visit to the doctor is imperative.

Photo credits: www.lindiskin.com

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