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Blogging Niches that are popular and profitable

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Blogging is an internet trend that has been around for some time now, and there has been no decrease in its popularity. In fact it is still getting more and more popular, and people are finding novel and innovative blogging niches that they want to explore. If you do not want blogging to be just a hobby and want to have monetary benefit from it then selecting a blogging niche that is popular and profitable is of utmost importance.

Anyone can start up a blog but the big dilemma the person would be facing is that what should be the winning blogging niche. (here are basic guidelines to start up your blog) There are thousands of blog niches and people have explored every topic under the sun but sometimes a blog on a niche becomes the rage but another blog on the same topic fail to garner even a few page visits after some days from its creation. It all depends upon the quality of your content, your presentation of the content, finding the right balance between images and text and a number of other factors also.

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In this article we would be discussing some popular blogging niches that have a huge market and are prevalent with the people. However before that an important thing is that whatever topic you choose, do make sure you are passionate about it. It is not necessary that you have professional information about it or you have studied it but do research about it and have some practical knowledge about it that can be of use to the readers. Internet is definitely a good source of information but if you just base all your content from the internet without anything new then your bog will lose the edge over others.

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  1. Health Niche

People are becoming more and more conscious of their health and therefore this is one of most popular blogging niches among people. You can write about fitness Apps and gadgets like fitbit, Reliefband, Misfit Shine, Misfit ray, the list is endless and people are ready to invest time and money in knowing about things that will help them in keeping their bodies and mind fit.

The natural remedies for ailments is also a great sub niche under this subject to write on. Home remedies for cough, flu, colds or foods and herbs that help in curing warts or skin ailments are great attractions for the people.

  1. Technology news

    Blogging niches that are polar and profitable

Technology today is evolving at an immense pace. There is no shortage of people who would like to know about latest technology trends and gadgets. However if you want to start a technology based blog make sure it is regularly updated and the news that you have on this blog is reliable and accurate. Under the umbrella of technology can come sub niches like artificial intelligence, electronic gadgets, Mobile Apps or online websites.

The competition in this blogging niches is quite high as many people who are blogging are tech savvy and want to share about their passion for technology with others.

A popular sub niche for technology blog are How to guides. There you can give step by step guidelines for anything technology based process or better still ad videos. It can  be of simplest of things like how to crop an image or how to make a table of contents in MS Word or can be difficult ones like tutorials to learn Computer programs like Maya, Illustrator etc.

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  1. Fitness, Yoga and meditation

All kinds of exercises, weight loss, diet control and fitness programs come under this blogging niches. Besides being very popular this is a huge niche and chances of I garnering lots of page views is quite high. If you have a personal experience of shedding off weight then you can post your before and after pictures and share your diet plan and gym routine.

Blogging niches that are polar and profitable

You can give various diet plans and list their benefits and drawbacks. You can give exercises for particular body parts. Yoga and meditation practices that are easy to practice is also a good sub niche to write upon.

  1. Entertainment

    Blogging niches that are polar and profitable

Studies show that most people use the net for entertainment or to kill boredom. If you start an entertainment blog make sure it is regularly updated because bored people will get bored of similar things soon. It can have mind games, word puzzles or brain teasers. It can have gossip from the international showbiz industry.

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It can also feature funny videos from around the web, jokes, memes, gifs, comics. However do make sure you do not violate any copyrights and if you are using any online materials provide back links to it.

  1. Blogging niches Guides

    Blogging niches that are polar and profitable

Guiding people about how to write blogs or what are the popular blogging trends is another good niche to choose from. You can give tutorials about how to start a blog on www.blogspot.com or www.wordpress.com. Tell them about blog themes and layouts. Tell them how to publish good quality posts and gain viewers.

Small things like choosing the right fonts or checking the post for grammatical errors may seem a small thing for a seasoned blogger but newbies require guidance in every aspect.

  1. Make money online

Guides that list ways to earn money online are a popular destination for people of all ages. Students and professionals both want to earn a little extra by investing their time online in making money but they do not know how.

You can write guidelines as how they can make money from Facebook, Youtube, or remote resourcing sites like www.upwork.com, www.fiverr.com etc.

  1. Beauty tips

One might consider it as a women centric theme of blog but there is no shortage of men who want to know about how to keep their skin and hair better. Give common home remedies that are beneficial for both men and women and you have a winning blog in your hands

There are other niches too that are very popular like how to develop websites, e commerce, fixing common computer bugs, traveling, Food and nutrition. Pick out your niche carefully, develop quality content about it and start blogging now.

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Let us know what you think will be a good blog niche to write upon.

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