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Blogging! Is it that simple to make money?

Sep 20, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Is it that simple to earn money from blogging? Can you be a milliner over night from blogging ? Is blogging easy? How come people make lot of money from blogging? Why is my earning low?

These are few of the many questions that comes in mind of new bloggers and people do not know much about blogging, lets discuss these questions in detail so you can get your answers.

Is it that simple to earn money from blogging?

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Okay!! Before answering this question ” Is it that simple to earn money from blogging, let us discuss how easy it is to earn. With high unemployment rate people are ready two work on low wages. Countries such as Pakistan, India and China where average salary is below $700 a month (these are PPP dollars and are not actual dollars). These stats are high, if you are fresh graduate of these countries you will get to know that the offers you get are $150 to $250 a month. Where as a labor in Pakistan will cost you $6/day and skilled labor $12/day (no lunch provided), working for 9 hours a day. The point is these labors and graduates are paid nearly same and in many cases these labor and skilled labor earn more then what a fresh graduate is earning in his first five years. There are many agencies and companies that hire these writers for $200 to $250 a month.

Now see this little maths, on average a writer can write 10 article in a day! 500 to 1000 words. Remember you get only one off in a week and that is Sunday. So there are approx 26 days in a week therefore, a writer can easily submit 260 articles in a month. Which means per article cost is $0.76 to $1 and it can be further reduced. These agencies and companies own their own big blogs or newspaper and continuously update their site. No doubt the site earns a lot from these articles but the writer is paid a very small portion however, it is not true for all cases and its obvious with the passage of time and with your growing experience you will be paid good. But for the first year or three do not expect much. Indeed these writers do write excellent articles with very good on-page SEO.

The point of discussing all this was:

1) With extreme hard work and efforts people are paid $150 to $250/months.

2) Writers are paid $250 a month.

So now tell what do you expect from a new site with article written with poor on-page SEO? What would you expect from an article that you wrote while copying information from top 5 websites that appear on google for that keyword? Do you think you will ever be able to rank higher then site you take information from for the same keyword you are trying to rank?

The answer to all this is, you will get as low as nothing for a poorly written article and you will be never ranked good on search engines. You need to bring unique articles, unique topics, unique and informative articles, you need to put efforts and sincerity in blogging so that you can expect some earning.

Can you be a milliner over night from blogging ?

There is no shortcuts in earning. Yes!!!  agree luck counts a lot. People start getting good revenue from their newly started blogs in a month but generally it takes time for you to get earning 6 months or an year. Unless your niche is a super hit and your content/trick what so every you do, unless it is extremely unique and you are able to publish things before others can.

Is blogging easy?

Well, it depends how serious you are and how well can you write. If you are just reading article and rewriting then YES!! blogging is easy, keeping in mind you will not get good traffic from this nor good earning.

If you are serious in making some good cash, then blogging will not be easy. Here are few practice that you need to adopt to make sure you get good traffic and trust me following these are not easy.

  1. Unique content
  2. Publish it before others
  3. Quality Posting
  4. Regular posting
  5. Long articles

I hope it is understood that you need to perform a good On-Page SEO practice as well as an excellent Off-Page SEO practice. If you do all this, i can guarantee you will make good money from blogging.

How come people make lot of money from blogging?

People started blogging in early 2000 or at least before 2011. In my opinion this was the ideal time for starting a blog. This was the time with little competition in blogging and those who were lucky to start in that time are making good progress. This is not just my personal opinion many Bloggers such as founder of My Blogger Tricks told me the same when I met him while i was starting this site. However, that does not mean we should not start a blog now, it is just that we need to put a little more effort then what they did in their beginning of their first blog.

After their success and generating enough capital they all expanded. They hire writers, writers of different niches. Since they already made enough reputation, gained enough backlinks and maintained a good DA and PA. Therefore, what every they post they always score a good position in search engine. With their expanding team their frequency of posting increases resulting in increase in revenue.

Why is my earning low?

If you have understand what I said earlier in this article, I am sure you got the answer of “Why is my earning low”


If you are starting a blog, make sure you will face difficulties in start, that is normal. Just work hard, keep on posting Unique, quality articles regularly. Sooner or later your efforts will pay you. Just respect this profession, there is nothing free here, you need to earn it. You literally need to earn good ranking in search engines by all your efforts you made while writing an article. Just make sure your On-Page and Off-Page is excellent.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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