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Blog Commenting Mistakes To Avoid

Oct 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As we know, blog commenting is an easy way to bring traffic to your blog. Does this mean you should spam any and every website with your comments? Certainly not. Blog commenting is not that straightforward. Even the best of the bloggers make some common blog commenting mistakes. Thankfully, these mistakes can easily be avoided. Your aim should be to ensure that you are not making blog commenting mistakes and that our blog commenting is productive. We have compiled a list of blog commenting mistakes you should not make. Read on to find out!

Common Blog Commenting Mistakes

Writing Irrelevant Comments

Writing irrelevant comments will serve no purpose at all. It will just create a bad impression of you. You will come across as someone inattentive since you couldn’t grasp what the blog author was writing about. So, irrelevant comments might actually do more harm than good. Irrelevant comments might even seem like spam. The blog author might even block you. You risk losing too much by making irrelevant comments. This is one of the biggest blog commenting mistakes. Look for blogs related to your niche. Look for blogs that write on topics that you have some knowledge of. This way you can write valuable comments. You should also see how the social influence of the blog is. Is it popular amongst people?

Not Using Your Full Name

Using your full name gives authenticity to you. Bloggers and writers get excited when they see comments of people who use their full names. Writing comments has amazing benefits, but you will be missing out if you do not use your full name. It is an etiquette to use your full name. Just think about it, don’t you doubt people who use fake sounding names on Facebook? It is basic human psyche. Using your full name gives weight to your comment. When you give your full name, you are opening ways to build a better working relationship with people. This one of the most common blogging mistakes. Of course, using your full name is only half the battle. Your comment should add value to the discussion. In fact, not using your full name can increase the chances of not getting an approval for your comment. This is akin to the blog owner blacklisting you in a way. Full names are more likely to be registered in the minds of other commenters and the blog owner.

Using Fake/Dormant Email Address

By commenting, you are not just trying to get a backlink. Your aim is to get more connections. By using a fake or an inactive email address for your comments, you are closing that communication channel. This is a grave mistake. Why would you not want someone to get back to you? If you do not want to give out your real email address because of the fear of junk mail, make a new email id specifically for blog commenting. Giving real information about yourself builds trust with the blogger community. If you are posting valuable comments without providing your real id, you are missing out on a chance to build connections. Apart from that, just imagine how a blog owner would feel when their email bounces back? What impression will it send out about your blog?

Commenting On Blogs Unrelated To Your Niche

Now, think about it. People visit blogs with a purpose usually. A visitor browsing a fashion and beauty blog would probably find comments related to style and skin care interesting? But, does it make sense to promote your tech blog on a beauty blog? Not really. These niches are poles apart. You will be wasting your time and efforts on nothing. Not only will you be wasting your time, you will not be able to add anything meaningful to the discussion. In fact, your comment will seem outright spammy. So, you shouldn’t just comment on any blog and every blog. You should be selective about the blogs you comment on. If you leave comments on irrelevant blogs, who will you be targeting? There will be a mismatch. Commenting on blogs related to your niche will improve your influence and authority over time. You will be able to connect with like minded people. It is also a good idea to comment on the blogs of your competitors.

Asking Questions

A great way to increase engagements is to ask questions. You can ask about something you didn’t understand or the author’s thoughts on something related. The comments authors reply to usually stand out. But do not ask questions merely for the sake of asking something. You do not want to look like a novice or a beginner. But, ask the right questions or the genuine questions that come to your mind.


Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Maybe not. A lot of people do make spammy comments. When you comment, do not make yourself look like someone who just wants visitors on their blog. Try to be genuine. Look like a real human being. Don’t write simple things like ‘great post’ or ‘nice post’. Spammy comments are one of the most prevalent blog commenting mistakes. A good idea is to follow the guidelines set by a site when blogging.

Overoptimizing By Using Your Keyword As A Name

Your comments should look genuine and heartfelt. They should not look spammy. Their purpose should not come across as backlinking. Remember, most blogs have tools and plug-ins that can detect and block spammy comments. You should try to comment by using your own name. Also, do not make really long comments. This will only waste your time. Post concise, relevant, and meaningful comments.

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