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Cyber Monday May Rekindle The PC Market

Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are not only considered a traditional entry into the Christmas market of the US market but also as a gauge for current trends among consumers.In view of this latest market studies are quite surprising, after which the coming days could bring the PC market back a good deal of momentum.

PC Market

For a long time, the PC manufacturers have been forced to starve: their sales figures continue to decline and users are interested in all sorts of other product categories. In particular, mobile devices have been at the top of the wishlists in recent years. But that has now changed significantly – after all, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smartphone manufacturers to be able to set any real incentives to buy.

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As in every year, the market research department of the discount service provider Ebates has been examining in advance which products consumers want to hit on Black Friday, hen virtually all retailers with discounts start the Christmas business in the US. For the adults, TVs were at the top of the list – which is probably due to the fact that devices with 4K resolution are brought to full width and inexpensive in the market. After all, 33 percent of respondents have a TV on the shopping list.

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Even more surprising is the fact that laptops are in second place with 32 percent. By contrast, portable computers, at 38 percent, are by far the favorite among planned purchases. Smartphones, which have always been at the top in recent years, were only 28 percent among adults and 32 percent among adolescents. Tablets have not even made it to the top 4 in both age groups.

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The growing interest in notebooks may be related to the fact that even private users still have many interests in which a mobile system can not easily replace the good old computer.And now, as the rapid development in smartphones has subsided, there are also resources available to bring your own PC or notebook equipment to a newer level.


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