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Bing’s Desperate Marketing Strategy

Jun 3, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing has been struggling to keep up with Google. Bing now wants to do something about this situation. Microsoft has launched a reward system in the UK where you will be rewarded for using Bing. You will get points which you can redeem to buy Microsoft’s products and services. 

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft mentioned that not only the use of Bing search engine but the browser you use is also very important. If you use Chrome browser to access Bing, you can get three points, and the use of Edge browser will get double points. Edge is Microsoft’s alternative to Chrome. To earn points, you should be logged into Bing with your Microsoft account. Users on level 1 can around 60 points in a day if you search for 10 things using Bing. You can become a level 2 member by earning 500 points in a month. This will allow you to earn up to 150 points a day through searches. Level 1 members can earn points by doing 10 searches per day. Level 2 members can get points by doing 50 searches a day (30 on PC, 20 on mobile). The search limit is reset every day, so you can earn again the next day. To earn extra points, you can take Microsoft Reward quizzes. You will have to make an account of Microsoft Reward first. You will also be given a point for every 1 dollar you spent through Xbox, Microsoft and Windows stores. You have the option of exchanging these points with prizes like Xbox Live Gold Membership which costs £9.99. This can be done for 6000 points. Or you can exchange points for one-month Groove Music Pass which normally costs £8.99. This can be done for 9,500 points. You can also get a 1-year Groove Music Pass for 110,000 points or 99,900 points if you are a level 2 member. In 2012, the ‘Bing It On’ challenge was launched which displayed Bing and Google search results together and asked users to blindly select which one they prefer.

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Since 2009, when Microsoft launched the search service, it put Google as its first competitor. But in terms of share, it has been unable to compete with Google, Google search market share in 2012 had reached 66.7%. In March this year, the US Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore released a search engine report. The data shows that Google search market share has more than 60% share.bing it on

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When it comes to search engine, Google is the king. Users use Google because it delivers returns. Bing should try to improve its search engine rather than adopting these tactics. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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