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Beta Users of iOS 11 Have Stumbled Upon A New Feature

Jul 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Although the official version of iOS 11 will be officially launched this fall, through the developer beta version, many users have also found some other features which have not been revealed officially yet. Recently, users discovered that the call back function on the lock screen can be password/ Touch ID protected. In iOS 11 users can choose whether the password / Touch ID protection is turned on to decide if users can call back when the phone is locked. 

iOS 11 Lock Screen

In the old version of iOS, Apple did not provide this functionality. If your phone was lost or stolen, any one could return missed calls even if the phone was locked. iOS 11 now provides you the functionality to password protect return missed calls function from the lock screen. The users will be required to enter a password or Touch ID before calling back missed calls. This will ensure that no one is misusing your device.

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To access this feature, simply go to the Touch ID and Passcode settings panel. Select Touch ID & Passcode, and toggle the functionality of the Return Missed Calls feature. If you switch it on, you will be able to return calls even if the phone is locked. If you toggle it off, you need to enter a passcode or Touch ID to be able to return missed calls.

iOS 11 lock screen

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This feature was discovered by iOS 11 users. Have you discovered anything yet?


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