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New School Year Gift: A List Of Best Applications For Students

Aug 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Another school year has started. Students are heading back to classes with mixed emotions. Don’t worry, we know the feeling. To lift your spirits, we have combined a list of best applications for students. You are welcome!

Best Applications For Students


OneNote is an application for saving all your articles, thoughts, so nothing is lost. Whether you like it or not, you’ll spend a lot of time taking notes. OneNote is the ideal application for this, especially if you have a touchscreen display. OneNote cuts and saves texts so you can get inspired later. You can share your notes with all your friends. One Note can also be downloaded on Android and IOS, which makes it as useful as a notebook.

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Microsoft To-Do

This app works perfectly on Windows, giving you the opportunity to organize your lists much better. Keeps your documents and projects in well-defined categories and helps you keep up with what you have to do.

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It’s a perfect image editing application that does not have the complexity of Photoshop but boasts a complete system of tools. It is a program designed to offer complete editing service, but also to facilitate easy use. You can try this app for free, but the full version costs $ 20.

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It is a socialization application that provides the connection between students and teachers. Allows posting of themes, lessons, video and audio files, and various necessary links. Students can also find help on this app.

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This application can be used to chart and solve geometry and algebra exercises. It provides space for the construction of geometric shapes and shapes, but also the graphics you need. With this app, you can also share your work with your friends.

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It’s the special application for touchscreen screens that keep up with your notes. While writing, Nebo translates notes into clear and readable text and all this in real time, helping you organize your thoughts faster and more efficiently.

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It is an interactive application that presents topics from the biological, chemical, anatomical and astrological spectrum. You can study a solar system in detail or you can scratch through the human body. The program gives you detailed 3D layouts that you can manipulate or decompose as you please for a better understanding. The license for this program is $ 399.

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It’s another application that makes it easier to solve math problems and turns handwriting into digital text.

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Try these applications for students to make studying fun and easy!

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