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The Best Android Mini Computers

Jun 8, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What are the mini Android PCs ? Very simple, they are nothing but simple boxes with hardware components and inside them installed the Google home robot robotic operating system. In practice, this is the same operating system you can find on smartphones and tablets, with the difference that these are not mobile phones or other mobile devices. These devices, also called smart boxes, can be used as desktop computers or real media centers. In practice, to use them you need to connect them to a monitor or TV, and in the latter case they simply make the TV a smart TV. More like computers, these small devices are mostly used by people to view media files over the internet. Yes, because these devices are equipped with WiFi or wired connectivity , you can connect them to the modem or router to be able to view anything directly on the web. So you can see videos on YouTube, you can watch movies directly in streaming without even downloading them, or you can even see TV channels in case your monitor or TV is not connected to the coaxial cable to the digital terrestrial antenna. There are some users who even use them to see paid channels, but this thing is illegal and we do not want to encourage you to do so, so we just mentioned it and we stop here. In addition to multimedia, since these devices have the same operating system as phones, you can of course do everything you do on smartphones. So you can surf the Internet or even install your favorite apps , but keep in mind that you can not put in a SIM card. If you want, if your Android mini PC is powerful enough, you can also put some games for fun on a screen bigger than the cell phone. Differences over the phone, however, are different. First of all, you will not have the touch screen, but you can control the device with a remote control or hardware devices that you use with your PC. Then, there is no battery inside these devices, but they are usually powered by electricity only. Now, we propose you the best 2017 Android mini PCs.

Bqeel M9c Max

Bqeel M9c Max is certainly not one of the most powerful or amazing Android mini-PCs from the point of view of the technical features but it is for sure and without any shadow of doubt one of the most affordable at all. This is because it is really the top its value for money , it can be found around only 50 euros, yet it is a new model with all the latest specifications that also has the competition but at much higher prices. There is also the Android Marshmallow operating system, which we find in this box to version 6.0.1. The device also has many alternatives in terms of connectivity. There is WiFi (though only with 2.4G band and not dual band) but there is also an Ethernet port that allows you to connect with the cable to increase the efficiency of the connection to the modem. There are two USB ports in case you want to connect a keyboard, mouse, or other hardware devices, and there is also an S / PDIF port in addition to the HDMI port for connecting the monitor. Also interesting is the presence of a micro SD slot that allows you to use external memory cards to expand the internal one. Because it’s a good connection to the TV, because resolutions up to 4K are supported and there is also support for the H.265 standard as far as audio is concerned. You can also use the frequency at 60 Hz since the HDMI port is also a 2.0. The processor is an Amlogic S905X quad core chip that can reach a maximum of 2 Ghz, formed by Cortex A53, which we can define as mid-range as far as the Android mini PC market is concerned. The RAM memory is 2 GB, more than enough to carry out all the activities that you usually do with this type of device. While the internal memory is 16GB, keeping the above mentioned expansion capability or connecting USB flash drives and other types of storage memories. This is not a device with which you can use particularly heavy games, but for the rest of the activity performance is always fluid.A remote control with numbers and navigation keys is also included in the package to navigate within the Android operating system with the ability to activate the mouse mode in case the navigation is too complicated.

Beelink GT1

Let’s go a little higher with this mini Android PC that behaves better than the one in the previous paragraph both in terms of performance and connectivity. But let’s first start from the latter. Its advantage is first and foremost the presence of dual band WiFi connectivity, with the bandwidth available at 5.8G as well as standard 2.4G. Thanks to the most powerful bandwidth, you will be able to use WiFi faster and more steadily, without worrying that it is free of interference since it is unused.However, the maximum operating distance decreases, you must take it into account if you are too far away from the router. Also interesting is the presence of fast Bluetooth connectivity 4.0, which allows you to transfer files or connect to Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and so on. If you want, you can also connect to the modem via Ethernet, with a Gigabit port that boasts the maximum connection speed. The rest of the connectivity side also includes three USB ports to connect hardware peripherals to your liking. The operating system installed is also here Android Marshmallow to version 6.0, so it is among the most up-to-date Android mini PCs. And then it’s Beelink, a very reliable manufacturer in the industry. Hardware components are certainly among the best you can, and this box is also optimized for the Green Robot Green operating system. The processor is an Amlogic S912 octa core chip made up of eight Cortex A53 CPUs capable of turning at a maximum frequency of 2 Ghz. The RAM memory is 2 GB, while the internal storage is 32 GB, twice the competition on the same price range, and can also be expanded with a micro SD slot. With the installed Android Marshmallow OS, the performance is really very fluid in almost every use, at the price you can find it is one of the best, if not the best, performance.From this, it comes automatically that this is one of the best Android mini PCs in terms of price-quality ratio , especially because it can be very little compared to what it usually costs. Of course, here is no 4K video management on your TV or monitor. In addition to the power supply and an HDMI cable, you can also find a remote control in the box to navigate easily in the menus.

Minix Neo U9H

Another extremely reliable Android mini PC that comes from a manufacturing company that has proven itself to be one of the most efficient in the realization of these types of devices. A very compact and compact body conceals a truly complete connectivity, with the presence of three USB ports for connecting external peripherals, an S / PDIF port , and a Gigabit Ethernet port that can reach the top speed in the connection To the modem. There is also no expansion slot for micro SD in order to increase the built-in memory, and an audio jack for connecting headphones or speakers as well as a separate jack to connect an external microphone. A unique advantage with this box is the remote that comes supplied, which is far more advanced than anyone else. It is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope withwhich you can also play video games that require motion sensors, which is usually not possible if you do not have a smartphone. Apparently, the remote does not have the numbers, but it is not so, because on its back there is a real QWERTY keyboard that will give you a way to write without selecting the letters one by one with the cursor. The interface has also been customized by the manufacturer to be used comfortably with a remote control even without the need for a touch screen or mouse. As if that was not enough, the remote control also comes with a microphone with support for voice controls. Another advantage is the presence of Dolby Digital Audio technology to have a sound comparable to that of a real cinema. This technology coupled with support for 4K resolutions and HDR technology will guarantee you the perfect multimedia experience, because you will find both the highest quality image and the ultimate in audio quality. The hardware compartment does not differ from what the hardware of the previous model shows, so the performance is similar, that is, great. As a processor there is a core Amlodic S912 octave formed by a 64-bit Cortex A53 running at a maximum frequency of 2 Ghz, the RAM memory is 2 GB and the internal storage is 16 GB of eMMC 5.0 type, so fast enough . The MiMo dual band Wi-Fi connectivity is very interesting, thanks to which it has the best wireless signal from all.

Zidoo X9s

The main advantage of this Android mini PC is that it can be used as a stand-alone PC with the Open WRT as well as a mini PC. Another great asset is the vast array of media formats that it can support in terms of media usage: HTML5, MKV, MP4, BD ISO, 3D MVC and other formats are quietly supported .Efficient then connecting with high-resolution monitors and TVs. In fact, this box supports a maximum 4K resolution and not only because it even comes with the 4K to reproduce at 60 FPS . In practice, this is the fluidity that is usually the maximum for multimedia content and what we find on the web. HDR standard for high-end TVs is also supported to reproduce a more beautiful color. There is also Surround 7.1 technology for high definition audio . Strong points are not over here, because even in connectivity this amazing Android PC surprises. In fact you can see already from the photo that has two wireless antennas , and they are also very powerful. This is not only due to the fact that they are 2, but also because they are dual band, so there is a 5 GHz frequency with faster signal and no interference to annoy you. More than satisfactory performance. The processor is a quad core, the RAM memory has a total of 2 GB, and the internal memory is 16 GB. It is fluid with virtually all apps even though the hardware compartment is not exactly in the stars as the processor is not the best on the square. There are 2 HDMI ports to connect up to two monitors at the same time and we also have three USB ports, one with very fast USB 3.0 technology. Finally there is an SATA attack and a clock on the front.

Nvidia Shield Pro 2017

Nvidia Shiled 2017 Pro is the world’s most powerful Android mini PC, if you’re pointing to performance you can not find anything better than going to the real PCs or consoles. It’s just in the form of consoles that this gadget has been made, as it has so high level performance that is suitable for video games. The processor is an Nvidia Tegra K1, then there are well 3 GB of RAM and an internal memory of up to 500 GB that on Android mini PCs has never existed and will not exist for a long time. As a performance we are therefore at the maximum, fast and able to hold even the heaviest games for the operating system of the green robotic. Even for this console have been launched exclusive games that are yes for Android, but are only compatible with Nvidia Shield and not with other Android mini-PCs or smartphones.Maximum performance is guaranteed not only with games but also with multimedia use. In fact, this model does not lack the ability to support content in 4K and HDR technology, always in a very fluid way among other things. Obviously you will also find a full connectivity park on board. There is WiFi dual band as there is also the Ethernet port with Gigabit speed, so in terms of connection stability and connection speed you will have no problem. There are three USB ports for connecting hardware devices such as a keyboard and mouse, and there is a micro SD slot to expand memory even though it’s already 500 GB. Included in the package you will also find the advanced Nvidia controller that will allow you to play video games in a “professional” way and also incorporates a useful microphone for online games.

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