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Auto Insurance in Pakistan: Complete Pakistani insurance guide

Jul 19, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Vehicle Insurance is the most important type of insurance plan and its compulsory for auto owners. Auto insurance is very crucial to keep you and your auto protected from accidents, thefts, fire, other damages. Auto insurance is compulsory in Pakistan, there is a very high penalty to drive your vehicle without insurance.

Choosing a car insurance can be a very stressful activity and it’s as important as choosing the vehicle itself. With sudden increase of vehicle on Pakistan roads having a good insurance that meets all your circumstances and needs. Always make sure that you choose the right coverage, because the needs and use of a profession driver, or a daily worker are different.

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Auto Insurance in Pakistan – Tips for the buyers

An auto insurance covers for your medical treatments and financial losses that happen during an accident. There are many types of insurance policies, which must be carefully chosen to meet your needs. Most insurance policies cover Liability, property and medical expenses. In Pakistan, auto insurance is not an obligation so you can purchase any insurance. So, now you’ll be pondering what does actually an auto insurance policy cover. For example, top Pakistani insurance company Adamjee offers comprehensive vehicle insurance policy that covers damage caused by accident, theft and third party liability. Like Adamjee many other auto insurance companies in Pakistan offer novel features, faster insurance processing etc.

auto insurance companies in Pakstan

Pakistani Insurance Companies Policies mainly cover:

⦁ Bodily Injury
⦁ Death
⦁ Third Party Liability: Damaged caused by to other during the event of an accident.
⦁ Damage or Loss Due to Theft and Burglary, Malicious acts, Accidents, explosion, fire etc. Riots, strikes and terrorist activity etc. (optional)
⦁ Property damage

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Top insurance companies of Pakistan

Pakistnai auto insurance companies

Adamjee Insurance Company

Adamjee Insurance Company Limited started on September 28, 1960 as a Public Limited Insurance agency. Adamjee Insurance organization Limited is a national driving insurance bran. The company has branches in the United Arab Emirates too. This Insurance giant is listed on all the three stock trades of Pakistan which are an affirmation of its credibility. Adamjee offers an extensive range of insurance policy to its clients including auto protection.

EFU General Insurance

EFU General Insurance Ltd offers protection to auto, Property Marine, Aviation and others. This organization started on September 2, 1932, and it has stocks listed on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. Insurance policies of ICU are acknowledged by every single industry across the country and is one of only a handful few insurance agencies that is controlled by completely proficient and devoted administration.


IGI the company was set up in 1953 as a public company. It is one the largest insurance company in Pakistan. IGI is under Packages Group and is headquartered in Karachi with nearness in 7 major urban areas of the nation. An extensive variety of policy products is offered by IGI including, largest being in the auto industry.

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited was set up on 1953 with more than 60 years of involvement in providing auto insurance in Pakistan. The organisation has branches in all the significant urban regions of Pakistan offering many insurance policies. Jubilee is one of the main three insurance giant regarding money related base and gross premium.

Let us know who is your auto insurer, share your feedback and experience about your insurer or any of the above mentioned insurer if you have tried any.


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