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Auto insurance in Florida – USA

Jul 29, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to taking an Insurance in USA the main question arises is which insurance to choose. One of the most surprising thing about States is that auto insurance is not mandatory in few states. States like Mississippi, Iowa, New Hampshire, Alabama, Pennsylvania etc. The states have a system called financial responsibility law, which requires the auto owners to pay a bond, approved self-insurance or cash deposit. The state covers the damage if you are involved in an accident.

Insurance rate in Florida is one of the highest in the country, so it would be quite expensive to even to opt for low priced policies. Most auto insurance cover in Florida vary from company to company, but the minimum Is generally high comparing to other parts of the country. The average insurance cover in the state of Florida is generally high, but it also it depends upon on which part of the state you live. Family auto insurance for two late models car, insurance premium can vary from $520 in Gainesville to as high as $1300 in Miami. The state average for auto insurance in the state of Florida is $1000.

In USA, auto owners of the state where car insurance is compulsory must show the proof of insurance at the time of vehicle registration and are also required to carry it with the vehicle all the time. Having an auto insurance in USA is a bit more complicated than many countries to the world. There are different types of insurance covers.

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Types of Auto Insurance Cover in USA – Florida

types of Auto insurance in Florida - USA

Liability Insurance

liablity Auto insurance in Florida - USA

Liability insurance covers every form of an injury liability, i.e., injury to a person caused by you and property damage liability, it covers the damage of someone else’s property or another vehicle. In most of the state’s liability auto insurance is compulsory but doesn’t include unlimited liability. Many states have set minimum liability. The responsibility level is different in every state and it is set by the state for death and injury. If there are death and injury to multiple people, then the liability amount also increases. If the liability amount exceeds your insurance limit, then you’ll have to pay for the damage in whatever way possible.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Many states in USA have some form of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) also called No-Fault insurance. If you are involved in an accident, you can claim from your personal insurance company for personal injury sustained in an accident. In case you are not having a personal insurance cover then you’ll have to file a claim against the driver, with whom you had the accident. It doesn’t matter if the other driver is having insurance or not, you are paid only if its proved that it was the fault of the driver. In case you are able to prove through witness or prosecution then don’t forget your insurance company or you may lose your good driver discount.

In certain states PIP insurance is compulsory.  PIP insurance covers bodily injury only and not damage to the property. Those covered by PIP insurance get quick payments if an accident happens, but the right to sue for general damage is usually restricted. Auto owners with liability insurance should make sure that their insurance also covers while travelling to other states without no-fault insurance. Most insurance companies cover their policy in all states but there are few which don’t.

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Catastrophic Medical Expenses Insurance

Insurance companies also offer catastrophic medical insurance cover which protects you very high medical bills. If have Catastrophic Medical cover depends on the level of your medical insurance. GO through your insurance policy to find out whether you have catastrophic medical cover, and if not it is advised to have it.

Uninsured Auto Insurance

This insurance is to protect you against accident with uninsured vehicles and hit-and-run accidents whether it may be driving or walking. This insurance is compulsory in few states, so insurance companies should include uninsured auto cover in their basic policy cover to protect the vehicle owner from collisions with an uninsured vehicle. The uninsured auto cover is equal to minimum financial responsibilities set by the state government. For clients having collision insurance usually done need an uninsured auto insurance.

Many states have a large penalty for driving without insurance, and in some states, there may be no penalty at all unless you get involved in an accident. But comparing to the cost very high insurance premiums the penalties are less, that’s why there are so many uninsured vehicles. If you get involved in an accident, and the chances that the other vehicle is not having insurance is very high, it mostly depends on different states and the policies. It’s always important to calculate this possibility and be insured to financial secure yourself from accidents involving uninsured autos.

Under-insured Motorist Insurance

Quite Similar to uninsured vehicle insurance but in this case the other vehicle has insufficient insurance to cover the injuries and damage to your vehicle, but even though the other part has insufficient insurance, you can still sue that person for compensation.




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