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AT&T Bails On Huawei In The US

Jan 10, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For the Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei, not only is the infrastructure business in the US a huge problem, even the smartphones of the now third largest provider in the world find it difficult to gain access to the US market.A lucrative contract that could have changed, failed now almost at the last minute. At&T has apparently backed out of a deal.


Huawei’s latest push towards US consumers was that the current premium Mate 10 Pro smartphone should also be placed with a major network operator. Because on the mobile operators continue to run the largest sales, as most consumers just continue to buy their mobile phone in conjunction with a mobile phone contract.

And now the telecommunications company AT&T is said to have shown interest in including the Mate 10 Pro in its offers. The contracts between the two companies were nearing signing. But suddenly, the largest among the US mobile operators retired. According to a report by the Reuters news agency , external pressure has recently become too great.

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Shortly before Christmas, after all, several members of the US Senate and the House of Representatives, sent a joint letter to the US Telecommunications Authority and reported concerns about the deal. And there have been repeated concerns about security from other sources, but no concrete suspicions have been expressed.

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Huawei’s engagement (or non-commitment) in the US market has a long history. As network operators increasingly considered buying the company’s technology for their infrastructures, fears were fueled that the Chinese were getting backdoors into critical US networks. Even the disclosure of hardware designs and firmware source code did not break these suspicions. So it came in the end that Huawei withdrew completely with its network systems from the US market.

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This is sometimes a problem for the local carriers. Because the last major supplier besides Huawei on the world market is the company, to which Alcatel, Lucent and Nokia have meantime melted together. A smaller alternative is Ericsson, since it is difficult to tender in a pool of providers and to hope for attractive offers thanks to competing companies.

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And now the manufacturer is also torpedoed if it wants to sell only its mobile phones in the US market – which it does with other distribution channels, too. There are no concrete reasons for this. After all, various other Chinese companies also sell their smartphones in the US – and the devices of most other vendors, including Apple, are ultimately made in China.


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