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Artificial Rain in Karachi under consideration

Jun 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Karachi, a coastal land which has never observed temperature above 42 degree Celsius for ages, suddenly faced a fatal heatwave with surrounding temperature increased to 44 to 46 degree Celsius during day. Furthermore, nights which were always pleasant clam with cold sea breeze changed to 35 degree Celsius and no wind, sources says this heatwave broke a record of 135 years of Karachi.

300+ Deaths resulting from this harsh climate has forced the government to consider more options to fight this other than opening heat stroke cells and clinical camps.

Government is forced to think over the possibility of Artificial Rain (cloud seeding) in Karachi.

Talking to the media, Director General Ports and Shipping Abdul Malik Ghauri said all arrangements had been made in this regard. However, Ghauri said a meeting of all stakeholders would evolve consensus on the matter before any decision is taken.

Source Trubine.pk

While government ponder over the idea of Artificial Rain in Karachi, citizen of Karachi are thinking whether it is a good option to invest huge amount in artificial rain, keeping in mind that there is no guarantee that it will actually rain. Even if it did, still it wont be able to cove such a vast area. Furthermore, even if the government decide to opt for Artificial Rain, due to technical difficulties they wont be able to experiment it until 1st July 2015.

However their are sect of people who are positive because it will decrease the overall temperature and stop this sudden rise of death due to heat stroke.

Cloud seeding (Artificial Rain) or the practice of making rain involves”

  1. Silver iodide
  2. Potassium iodide
  3. Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).
  4. Table salt has also been used in industrialized countries.

The procedure is based on the fact that the equilibrium vapor pressure is lower over ice than over water.

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Give your opinion on whether Artificial Rain in Karachi a viable option? Or government of Pakistan wasting tax payers money?

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