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Artificial Intelligence Will Be The Cornerstone of Apple’s Future

Oct 24, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The field that is likely to spark the fourth industrial revolution is now the focus of the major companies, including Apple. Yes, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence.

Apple Artificial Intelligence

At present, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other companies seem to be focusing a lot on Artificial Intelligence. Apple executives Jeff Williams recently in an interview said that artificial intelligence will be Apple’s foundation in the future. He said that artificial intelligence will become the cornerstone of future Apple products. Jeff Williams argues that artificial intelligence and hardware computing will really change the world.

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In fact, Apple’s investment in artificial intelligence is also increasing, but for now, the results are indeed not as good as those of Google and other companies. There is a big gap between Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. Apple has not shared its search results. One thing is clear: Apple clearly understands the importance of artificial intelligence.


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