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Apps that reward you for staying fit

Aug 28, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What’s even harder than actually staying fit???? It’s the motivation to do so….

Motivation alone sometimes it’s not enough and occasionally we need a stronger bump to get us to work. These websites and apps help us to do so, not only they provide you with tips and motivation but they also give you prizes for your efforts.

Here are a few apps and websites that help you get your willpower up:

  1. AchieveMintachievemint-reward-app

Achievement is a flexible fitness app in which getting points is as easy as sharing your healthy habits on social media. Other than that you are rewarded points for weighing in, keeping track of your calorie intake and of course working out. Users can redeem 50,000 points for $50 on their Visa card. Linking your profile on Fitbit also gets you some points to cash and 1 point is awarded after each 125 steps you take. A variety of activities that earns you some points are :

  • A healthy tweet – worth 5 points
  • Instagram a healthy post or picture – gets you 20 points
  • And even just sleeping can earn you 20 points

Sounds like fun and fitness come together in one package. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

  1. Virgin Pulse:virgin-miles-health-app

Virgin Pulse app is used as a reward program by some companies in which employees are rewarded gift cards for virgin health miles.

Health miles can be earned by a variety of healthy activities like tracking calories, eating healthy, exercising and also completing some special challenges. Health miles are then redeemed for awards.

A number of companies offer this program and if you want to know whether yours does, check Virgin Pulse’s company search. And if yours doesn’t you can try suggesting it as it won’t be hard to convince because virgin pulse offers demos to companies and that could save your employer some health insurance money.

  1. Higi:


Higi is the most compliant app on the list that doesn’t just reward you for staying fit physically but also reward you for taking care of yourself spiritually and mentally. That includes checking in with Foursquare at a beach or a church.

Higi rewards points for health-oriented tasks like checking your weight, running, going to a gym, taking steps and exercises completed. Another fun feature it has is the higi check-in stations that get your higi score up with health related activities like checking pulse rate, blood pressure or insulin levels. It’s check-in stations are available globally but specially at RiteAids or other grocery shops and retail stores.

Find one near you right now using higi’s location search.


But in terms of rewards higi might not be the best option. Higi doesn’t reward cash for gift cards for points instead you can redeem them for coupons or health products.

  1. DietBet


DietBet is not just a fitness app but also a legal gambling app, that you can try now if you want by their Kickstarter level. To participate, you will need to lose about 4% of your total body weight in a period of 4 weeks. So, for an average person weighing 200 pounds, would need to lose around 8 pounds in approx. 2 weeks to win a DietBet round.

In terms of rewards, the technique is quite rewarding, you can get at least 1.5 times your original bet or even double it. So betting $30 on yourself could get you at most $60 all the while losing some extra pounds in the process. For verification purposes, you will need to take a before and after picture of yourself while competing.

DietBet has been doing great in terms of popularity and the site says that around 406,919 DietBetters have competed and almost 94% of them have lost 5,150,182 lbs and won $23,300,999 during challenges.

  1. Walgreens Balance Rewards:walgreens-reward-app

Walgreen’s balance program rewards for healthy activities and making purchases. The program works by syncing with fitness apps or popular fitness trackers and lets you track your healthy routines manually as well. 250 points are rewarded just on sign-up.


You can redeem you balance reward points for earning free stuff even if you are not a regular customer at Walgreens. Walgreens also offers a number of great discounted deals on grocery items, vitamins and calcium, baby supplies or cosmetics. But they are redeemable for three years after you have earned them, which gives ample time for you to earn some freebies.

  1. Pact:pact-reward-app-1

Like breaking any promise costs you, pact is a fitness app that works on the same principles. But beware lazy users! You could lose some serious money if you are not dedicated towards your fitness goals as Pact users link their bank accounts to the app and make a pact of $5 -$10 per day. The user then has to pick from one of the three goals to set for themselves: food tracking, gym workout or veggie and the pledged amount would be deducted if the user ditches his goal and make money if they keep the pact. As the site states, “If you meet your Pact, you get a cash reward for each day committed, paid for by those who didn’t make it. Rewards have generally been $0.30 to $5 per week, depending on the number of activities committed”.

Staying on a strict diet plan and just taking a daily run seems dry and boring, with apps like these, or  Pokémon go and Zombie run; staying fit would become an enjoyable activity and on the plus side you would be making some extra money and brag about it on social media as well.


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