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Apple’s New Store Is Not Suitable For Snow

Dec 31, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple is known for its flamboyant and distinctive Apple Store buildings.Such an icon was opened in Chicago this year: Right on the Chicago River in the city center is now a glass building, and its roof was modeled on a MacBook.

Apple Chicago

The new Chicago Apple Store on Michigan Avenue is unique in itself. It opens with its glass front to the Chicago River and downtown and is a truly imposing appearance. It has the potential to become a design icon, such as the famous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. If it were not for a triviality that the Apple-mandated architecture bureau apparently forgot or displaced during the design and construction of the new store, that winter in Chicago is very severe.

Apart from the minus temperatures, winter in Chicago means snowfall. For the Apple Store, which opened in the autumn, the snow is now a big problem. The slightly sloped flat roof has turned out to be a giant slide for the snow and ice masses. Apple had to shut off the routes around the roof edges and the steps to the Chicago River and provided with warnings. Falling snow avalanches and even smaller drops of snow and ice could hurt the visitors, there was still relatively little snow and ice.

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Matt Maldre from Chicago has now captured the debacle in some pictures and collected some information on his blog. The problem with the roof could have been handled quite easily, even without abandoning the special design of the MacBook roof. The look of the roof can be seen in its particular form either way from the top because the architects could also easily plan the edges with security precautions.

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As the traditional newspaper, Chicago Tribune has learned, the roof has heat pipes to provide a defrost function in snow and ice. This also ensures that possible snow loads do not weigh down the roof. “The roof has a heating system that is built-in,” said Apple spokesman Nick Leahy. “It still needs fine tuning and has been reprogrammed today, hopefully, it will be a temporary problem.”


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