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Apple’s fantasy accessory dreams go to far

Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple is the name that has now come to be identified with innovation and novelty devices that others might have thought and labelled as castle in the air, were developed and engineered by Apple and the company paved way for a new and distinguished era of smartphones and iPads. Similarly Apple watches and Apple’s Smart television were novel ideas that were then widely copied and enhanced by other organizations too. Apple’s fantasy accessory dreams have no limits.

Apple’s fantasy accessory

Recently acquired information from patently apple shows that this time Apple is aiming for something much more unique and different. Apple’s fantasy accessory is to bring in the complete functionality of a powerful notebook within an iPad or even an iPhone.

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It was leaked in a report published by the  US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple where we see that Apple’s engineering team had considered a hard cover accessory for the iPad Pro. Although in the recently released accessory now there is a hardware addition that makes it very easy to connect the Apple iPad Pro with a smart keyboard. This is the Smart Connector that will pair with the smart keyboard with the Bluetooth and makes the typing a much easier task in the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Some more advancement in the smart connector later can make the iPad pro better suited to connect with more powerful machines like the Notebooks to bring out the power and flexibility of the Notebooks to the small and portable iPads and iPhones.

Whether this patent will see the light of the day or not is not known, let’s see if this does work and we get what Apple is promising to deliver according to this patent. It will be great for the programmers and developers. With the power of a Notebook on their hands they can easily code and program anywhere they want. Although through online apps and code editors it is possible to write code anywhere but to have the compiling tools available at the hand all the time is a good attraction for the software developers.

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Apple's fantasy accessory

Although Apple users do want a track pad like device for their iPad. It is being contemplated for quite some time now and many users do want to see this accessory come out at the apple stores. However quite funnily there was a patent about a Notebook where the iPhone could be used as a trackball. By moving the finger across the iPhone screen you can control the cursor of the Notebook screen. Althugh it seem to be an interesting idea but it did not workout of course because of so many things that were not helpful here. The picture above illustrate this idea.

Apple's fantasy accessory

The following picture show the current patent picture of the newest Apple’s fantasy accessory. The clamshell cover for iPad, is in the shape of a Notebook and the iPad can be clammed in the place of the screen. Here the trackball will be easy to embed and the hardcover will replace the soft covered Smart Keyboard.

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Click here for the official patent details: Source

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