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Apple watch series 2 Ad focuses on fitness

Apr 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple recently released a new ad for its smart watch series 2. The ad for apple watch is vibrant and fast paced with the brilliant and foot tapping vocals of Beyoncé’s “Freedom” Playing in the background and the scenes quickly changing in the foreground displaying healthy activities that are a mix of mundane to daring and audacious.

Apple Watch Ad

The ad focuses on the fitness features of the watch and you might take it as an ad of the next Fitbit device. However the Apple smart watch has a lot more to offer than any other fitness gadget.

However from the ad we can take it that from now on, Apple wants its smart watch to be focused on health and fitness more than anything else.

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Another thing that the watch focuses on is its water resistant properties. You can wear it while swimming in the pool and it will keep a track of your swimming.

The premise of the ad is unique and innovative. We see a girl sitting and working on a computer until the Apple watch signals ‘time for walk’ and after that there are quick changes of frames showing people enjoying healthy physical activities from sky diving, swimming, parachuting, trekking, mountain biking, Aurora watching etc.

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The beautiful and scenic locales are awesome to look at. The music is catchy and the colors and energy are motivating enough to make you get up from your seats and move around or may be go to the apple store and get the watch for yourself.

The watch is beautiful as an accessory as well as a fashion statement. Apart from all that there are so many different uses of the watch too. So with the fitness craze hitting everyone this is not just becoming an accessory but also a great gadget to possess and get benefit from.

Which fitness gadget do you use? Let us know by commenting below.

watch full ad here


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