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Apple Says Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Everything

Oct 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple’s executive Jeff Williams recently said in an interview that artificial intelligence and hardware computing will really change the world, and artificial intelligence will also be the cornerstone of future Apple products. This is the first time Apple has shown its attitude towards artificial intelligence to the outside world, so it seems that artificial intelligence projects have a very high strategic position at Apple.

Artificial Intelligenceartificial intelligence

Now Apple has clearly expressed the importance of artificial intelligence. This also means that Microsoft, Google, and Apple, the three science and technology giants have foreseen that the future of the core technology is artificial intelligence, and they have gotten active in the layout and research of artificial intelligence.

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Why is artificial intelligence so important? The core point is that the scientific community predicted that the fourth most likely industrial revolution in the field of artificial intelligence, life sciences, quantum technology, and new energy technology. So, all the technology companies are looking at the field of artificial intelligence, as something that will be the next industrial revolution.

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In this regard, Google and Microsoft are undoubtedly running faster. Google is invested in a number of areas such as research projects, X Project and even life science and new energy research. Artificial intelligence is the closest to Google right now and they are doing advanced research projects for it. According to a new study, Google’s intelligent assistant already has the equivalent of a 6 years old human intelligence level.

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And Microsoft also dived very early in the development of artificial intelligence products. Cortana is one of the most famous. Cortana’s research focus is currently more in semantic analysis, trying to pass Turing tests, at least at the language level.At present, Microsoft’s Beijing Research Institute in Beijing is testing the ability of Microsoft’s Xiaoice, which is a training of the artificial intelligence project for Chinese language ability.

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And Apple in this respect is relatively backward, although we can also understand that Apple might have kept its research results hidden, Siri’s performance and Google Assistant and Cortana do have a small gap. Artificial intelligence is a very virtual thing. How to land and enter it is the key for technology companies. The goal is to enter thousands of households with an AI product. This key product could be a smart speaker. 

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Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and even Sony, have launched their own smart speaker products. What is the reason for these giants companies to invariably put so much money in a small electrical device? The answer is artificial intelligence. Smart speakers can be said to be the most suitable artificial intelligence products for home spaces. There are many reasons behind this. First, the price is moderate, and it is easy to choose as daily household appliances. Second, with the sound function, you can interact with the artificial intelligence voice assistant, and collect the session data constantly through artificial intelligence. Third, as a voice command execution switch, it is the best choice to connect smart home repeater. It can also be seen as the core of home artificial intelligence.

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So smart speakers are a smart choice by these tech giants. More and more families will buy these products in the future and this will become a very strong market in the years to come.

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Artificial intelligence certainly is the next big thing. Chinese and other Asian enterprises should also increase their focus on artificial intelligence. Big countries like China have the natural advantage of large data samples.


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